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No Love For Government Departments Using Low Quality AI-Generated Posters

No Love For Government Departments Using Low Quality AI-Generated Posters

These posters, clearly the products of an AI program, were met with sharp criticism from netizens.

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Malaysian government ministries and agencies have faced significant backlash for their use of substandard, AI-generated posters.

The latest incident involves the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation, which posted an appreciation poster for the International Nurses Day on social media.

The poster, clearly the product of an artificial intelligence (AI) prompter, was met with sharp criticism from netizens.

The Ministry’s attempt to honour nurses with the AI-generated poster backfired as netizens quickly pointed out the lack of creativity and quality in the design.

The most glaring oddity was the “stethoscope” hanging around the nurse’s neck in the poster.

Many argued that such posters not only fail to convey genuine appreciation but also reflect poorly on the government’s commitment to supporting local artists and promoting local talent.

Some suggested that government agencies should invest in local artists and embrace homegrown creativity instead of relying on AI-generated designs.

They emphasized the importance of supporting local art communities, especially when it the government can afford the budget to invest in it.

Sadly, this is not the first time government departments have received criticism over AI-generated posters.

Several others were criticised in the past for using AI-generated posters that were deemed low-quality and uninspiring or simply because it was seen as a diss on living, breathing graphic designers.

The repeated use of such posters raises questions about the approach to communication and support for the local creative industry.

The recently celebrated Labour Day also saw criticism being dished out at those who used AI-generated posters, among them the political party PKR.

A poster by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on Labour Day was also not spared as some pointed out a lack of representation, weird looking eyes and the presence of a “demonic nurse”.

As Malaysia strives to promote its cultural identity and creativity on the global stage, there is a growing sentiment among netizens that government agencies should prioritize the use of local art and talent in their communication materials.

This not only helps to showcase Malaysia’s rich artistic heritage but also supports local artists and designers who are essential contributors to the nation’s cultural and creative economy.

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