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[Watch] Malaysian Shares Experience Living In Hong Kong Budget Apartment

[Watch] Malaysian Shares Experience Living In Hong Kong Budget Apartment

A store room-like unit in Hong Kong is more expensive than a comfortable apartment here.

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Owning a house is a dream for many as having a comfortable place to live, either alone or with loved ones, is necessary for every human being.

However, buying a property in Hong Kong may not seem as easy compared to Malaysia.

Recently a video was shared of a Malaysian experiencing life in a residence where almost 200,000 people in Hong Kong live.

The video was shared by Torres (a content creator based in Hong Kong) on Facebook.

He brought his editor Zuwei from Malaysia and wanted him to experience the true reality of life in the state’s budget apartment.

In the video, when Zuwei entered the residency that he was assigned to, he had the shock of his life as the flat was the size of a storeroom.

There was a bed on the left side of the room and the bathroom was on the right. Both of these rooms were divided by a wall.

The kitchen cabinet and the sink were all placed around the bed. The bathroom was the size of his shoulder width.

“Not even enough room to wash my armpits,” Zuwei said in the video.

The highlight of this is that the rental for the room is 3,000 Hong Kong dollars which is equivalent to RM1,800.

For that amount of money a month, someone in Malaysia can rent a 1,400 square feet partly furnished condominium (new unit) with 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms with good facilities in Klang Valley.

What’s up with Hong Kong, then? Torres said this is because the wealth gap there is at its worst.

“This city is in a country that has the world’s second highest number of billionaires but most of the residents are poor,” he said.

Upper Class Living Vs Lower Class Living

Torres also showed how life is like in the most expensive residence.

He also did not miss the opportunity to visit the houses that are often occupied by the middle class.

According to the video, the house on the 53rd floor has an area of 515 square feet where it can have as many as two bedrooms and a kitchen.

He said the house is usually occupied by newlyweds or young parents.

The man explained that it took him 1 minute and 8 seconds to go up to the flat.

However, despite having to wait a long time when riding the elevator to go home with an expensive house value, residents do not need to use the stairs like in budget apartments.

Malaysians Are Grateful

Looking at the comment section, many Malaysians are grateful to be living in this country and not having to go through life like in the video.

There are even those who think that if a person is not rich then they shouldn’t dream of setting foot in Hong Kong.

Hell Rooms In Malaysia

While most of our accommodations here are decent, there will always be those who try to take advantage. One example was when the government cracked down on tiny grave-like rooms that were rented out.

Unsettling living conditions were found in a two-storey shoplot in Jalan Maluri by the Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue Department and the Local Government Development Ministry last year.

The unit was divided into 38 small, ill-ventilated “rooms”, which could accommodate up to 50 people. The building also lacked proper fire safety measures and emergency lighting, posing a significant risk to the occupants.

Each room, with a monthly rent of RM300, was furnished with only one mattress, a charging plug, and a single light bulb.

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