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Johor Woman Living The Dream By Travelling Around Malaysia With Dog Bobby

Johor Woman Living The Dream By Travelling Around Malaysia With Dog Bobby

Jen plans to continue their journey to East Malaysia.

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Whether solo or with company, travelling is very exciting.

Jen Wong is having the time of her life with her traveling buddy, her pet dog, Bobby.

Wong, who is from Kluang, Johor, has been traveling the world since she was 23 years old. Wong visited almost 30 countries, traveling both solo and with friends and family.

The idea to bring Bobby along came about in 2019 when the dog fell ill due to tick fever.

“His condition was quite bad and to encourage him to get well soon, I told him I would bring him along on my next trip if he got well,” she said, as reported by Malay Mail.

However, due to the pandemic, the plan was put on hold.

Their journey finally began on 1 October 2022, and they have spent eight months travelling apart from short trips back home.

Both spent two and a half months in Kelantan and two months in Terengganu as Wong preferred the two states’ rural atmosphere and Bobby loved the nature part of it.

Their traveling journey is documented by Wong and has been shared on her Facebook page. She also gave many tips and ideas for people who would like to bring their pets to travel along with them.

Bobby The Dog

Jen and Bobby met by the roadside in Serdang, Selangor.
A two-month-old pup at the time, Bobby had contracted skin disease. Jen took him in and after treatment, Bobby went home with her. The lucky dog is now 10 years old.

Except for one occasion when he had food poisoning while in Sungai Lembing, Pahang, and she had to take him to a vet in Kuantan, Bobby has been relatively healthy throughout this journey.

Once a day, Wong prepares him a fresh meal.

“The ingredients are bought from places that I stop at. He will also have bits and pieces of my food whenever I have my meals throughout the day,” she said.

Apart from that, Wong keeps kibbles handy for the dog.

Their Home During Travel

Wong has transformed her SUV into a mobile home as she is much more interested in enjoying the places that she visits.

“I am more interested in seeing places hence I do not place much importance on the accommodation. Hence my car is good enough to sleep in,” she said.

She also added that Bobby has no problems sleeping in the car with her.

However, Wong stays with friends if they are at the places that she passes through. At other times, she parks her car in safe places like hospitals or multi-purpose halls, and uses mosquito nets to keep pests away. She also has two fans and exhaust fans to cool the air down in hot weather.

Wong and Bobby travel no more than 50 kilometers daily, stopping for toilet breaks, and meals, charging electronic gadgets, and attending to work. They also use their car for cooling and charging their electronic gadgets.

Now, Wong has planned to continue their travel to East Malaysia, depending on Bobby’s health.

According to her, Malaysia still has many things to offer, despite her travels around the world and visiting many countries. She said that the people are kind, and the land is beautiful. She also added that she had never encountered any bad experience in her 10-month-long travel around Malaysia.

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