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‘Oyen Elmina’ Doing Well But White Cat Steals Spotlight

‘Oyen Elmina’ Doing Well But White Cat Steals Spotlight

Just because Oyen is getting all the attention, Ateh, one of the clinic’s resident cat decided to steal some of the spotlight too.

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The orange cat that was rescued from the site of the Elmina plane crash in Sungai Buloh is now stable and on the road to recovery.

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The veterinary clinic that first posted about the cat named Oyen updated his condition when they cleaned his wounds yesterday (21 Aug).

However, Dr Zul Erwan Azmi of the Zul Erwan Cat Clinic said that Oyen is not for adoption as he already has an owner, which is one of the Health Ministry’s ambulance personnel who brought him to the clinic.

Besides that, they also warned the public to be wary of any scams saying that they opened a donation fund for Oyen as the clinic is not seeking any contributions or money in the name of Oyen.

A lot of people expressed their relief seeing Oyen’s improving condition. While they’re grateful to these heroes for saving the injured cat, some couldn’t help to wonder, who’s the other dude?

Most netizens are focusing on the “being” on the shoulder

If you look closely, there’s another furball lurking in the corner of the picture that’s stealing all the attention away from Oyen.

While wishing a speedy recovery for Oyen, many were curious as to who the other cat was and what was he doing perched nonchalantly on the shoulder of a clinic staff.

Some say the white cat wants all the attention too.

Some joked that it was a senior vet there, supervising the new doctors on the job.

Another user joked that the cat was an emotional support animal for the staff.

His name is Ateh

After a few moments of digging, we found out that the cat sitting on the shoulder of the vet’s assistant is called Ateh, a male cat.

According to a clinic personnel, the clinic has a lot of resident cats. They’re mostly strays adopted by the clinic over the years.

There have been many of them through the years, including Big Bear, Kassim, Abang Bedak, Tobina, Luigi, Seven, Diana, Manji and a lot more four-legged staff.

As for Ateh, he was a stray outside of a cat shop in Sungai Buloh, named Syukri Cat Shop. As Syukri is one of the owner’s friends (Dr Zul), they took Ateh in.

In some cases, when the clinic takes in stray cats, they will fix them up and put them up for adoption on their social media for animal lovers out there.

However, with Ateh at the time, they didn’t put him up for adoption as there were a couple of kitties called Eton and Sudin of the same age as Ateh, so they became companions in the clinic.

Ateh is a cat that loves to perch on his two-legged staff’s shoulders. Until now, he still demands to jump and sit on their shoulders, just for extra attention.

Well, that’s just plain adorable, isn’t it?

Why do cats perch on shoulders?

Just so you know, not every feline does this and it’s actually a rare sight. Only certain ones do and for certain reasons only. So for those who have this type of parrot-like cat, you’re one of the lucky few.

According to Cattitude Daily, some cats do this because they like the height, the attention from their owners, and they just wanna show off their athleticism.

(Credit: Freepik)

As an apex predator (well, once upon a time, that is), cats have a primary appeal for heights. The attraction to height is programmed into a cat’s biology, as their ancestors would use tall places for hunting and protection. With the high vantage point, they can scout for potential prey or dangers.

Though felines in this era might not hunt for rodents or reptiles for survival, they still like heights for a sense of security. So they like standing up on your shoulder just to look at the view down below, and they get off whenever they like, as opposed to them having to struggle out of your arms if you held them.

Besides that, this type of cat is truly an attention seeker. They know that if they jump, they’ll get pets, praise, or a treat from their owner. So yes, if you have too many cats and they need to outshine themselves to get some of that lovin, they might do this frequently.

(Credit: Unsplash)

Other than that, most cats who do this are only young and energetic cats. The act of balancing oneself precariously on one’s shoulders requires a sheer amount of focus and athleticism, hence, mostly young and active cats would do it. Older or chubbier cats would often just settle for a loud meow near the cat bowl for attention.

So, does your cat do this?

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