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[Exclusive] She Likes Char Kway Teow & Nasi Kandar – Let’s Get To Know AGT’s Sacred Riana Better

[Exclusive] She Likes Char Kway Teow & Nasi Kandar – Let’s Get To Know AGT’s Sacred Riana Better

We had an exclusive interview with 2017 Asia’s Got Talent winner, The Sacred Riana.

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The Sacred Riana is finally in Kuala Lumpur for her performance this Saturday (15 July) at Plenary Hall KLCC, 8 pm.

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In her press conference at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre yesterday (13 July) which also turned out to be her 31st birthday, Riana showed a little preview of what’s coming on the show. She did a little jaw-dropping mind-reading magic trick that had us all in awe.

Organised by Mediaberg Productions in collaboration with Riana’s management team, Trilogy Magic Factory, the show, which took them 1 year to organise, will feature both old and never-been-seen-anywhere illusions that will last up to two hours.

(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

The mind-boggling show will also feature a world-class violinist from Russia, Katrin Romanova (@katrinlilo) and magician Yinhngm (@yihngm), a magician from Kuala Lumpur as the opening act.

We also managed to snatch Riana away from the crowd and get an exclusive interview with her about her personal life and career as a horror-genre magician.

Did you know that despite her creepy persona, she likes our aromatic Nasi Kandar and wok hei Char Kway Teow? What are the odds of that?

Let’s get to know the Sacred Riana better.

Horror movie fan & admirer of the two Davids

Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani is a Jakarta-born illusionist who rose to fame there after entering an Indonesian magician talent show, The Next Mentalist. She gained worldwide fame after her big win on Asia’s Got Talent in 2017 and as a quarterfinalist in America’s Got Talent in 2018.

She said that most of her inspiration came from her love of horror movies, especially The Grudge (Ju-On) with her favourite character obviously being Toshio Saeki, the little haunted boy.

Her hair is not 100% inspired by The Ring movie as she mentioned that she naturally keeps her hair that way since she was a teen. Long and always the same length, never shorter, never longer.

Riana has always wanted to be a magician since she was a child as her father does magic tricks too. The first magic trick was taught by her father more than 15 years ago. It was the mind-reading trick where a magician will guess their volunteer’s answer just by looking at their facial expression and body language.

My favourite magicians are both David Blaine and David Copperfield. I met them in real life and they were inspiring.
They make me wanna make more creative ideas for my performances. I had a long conversation with David Blaine and learnt a lot from the chit-chat.

The Sacred Riana, in an exclusive interview with TRP

No, she doesn’t smile in real life too, or at least, not anymore

Most people think that Riana is just a character she brings whenever she’s on camera or in front of a crowd. Moreover, there are pictures and videos of her during her teen years before she joined The Next Mentalist, smiling and giggling, and even admitting she likes K-pop in a live interview many years ago.

But as her persona grew more and more worldwide, pictures of her smiling are hard to find. In fact, most of her pictures are of her sporting a grim and creepy look, even when the occasion was happy! Hey, she was even emotionless when she won 1st place in Asia’s Got Talent!

Being in character all the time during the press conference, we asked her if she always has to be like that all the time.

Yes, because I am who you see right now.

The Sacred Riana, in an exclusive interview with TRP

“What if you’re on vacation though? You’re still with the hair and the expression?” we questioned.

Yes. But maybe my dress might be more casual than this one.

The Sacred Riana, in an exclusive interview with TRP

Well, maybe that’s why there are no pictures of her smiling anymore.

Imagine being a cashier at 1 am and she’s there lurking to buy some chips… Yikes…

Someone was even ‘possessed’ after watching her show

As Riana is a professional illusionist, most of her shows are just illusions and tricks but she differentiates her shows from other performers by adding the horror and ghostly genre in it.

(Credit: @rianariani / Instagram)

But speaking of ghosts, we asked her if she has ever experienced actual paranormal incidents.

Yes. I have. And then I take that and make it into my performance.

Like there is someone who already passed away. And I can detect that she’s always following me.

The Sacred Riana, in an exclusive interview with TRP

Being a little bit too curious, we followed up with a daring question to her.

“Have you ever been possessed?”

No. I haven’t. But people around me did have experience in being possessed and I did witness it.

The Sacred Riana, in an exclusive interview with TRP

She explained that there was even a case of someone being possessed after watching her show back in 2018 when she toured Ipoh on a Haunted House performance.

She only came to know of it when she left Ipoh the next day and the organisers informed her.

Well… That’s some creepy stuff. You better not mess with her then. She might have a ‘guardian’ with her.

It’s not always easy being an illusionist

Riana said that one of the prominent challenges of being a unique magician like her is making her performance scary and creepy but still entertaining. It’s a bit hard to juggle between the two, naturally.

And she even said that spontaneity is quite hard to master but she had to learn how to improvise live as the show must go on.

Anything can happen on stage. That’s the challenge of being a magician.

The Sacred Riana, in an exclusive interview with TRP
(Credit: @rianariani / Instagram)

The hardest trick that she had to learn had something to do with her being in the water.

Every trick has its hard part but for me, the hardest one is called Something In The Water.

The Sacred Riana, in an exclusive interview with TRP

The trick uses a bathtub and she did it live on television on an Indonesian show. Check out the water trick here.

So far, even though some of her acts are dangerous, she hasn’t suffered from serious injuries but bruises and cuts are normal for her.

Why choose Malaysia?

She has been here in Ipoh and KL in 2018 but this one is by far the largest-scale show in Malaysia. Besides Malaysia and Indonesia, she has also done performances in Singapore too.

Despite getting eliminated in the first round in Britain’s Got Talent in 2019, many other countries approached her for shows. But due to the pandemic, a lot of it was put on hold. If it wasn’t for that, she’d already be touring the world.

When asked about her favourite food in Malaysia, she replied with quite a unique answer. Most of us would think that Nasi Lemak is the obvious answer but she likes our Nasi Kandar and Char Kway Teow a lot more.

I like Malaysian food like Nasi Kandar and Char Kway Teow. They have Nasi Kandar too in Indonesia but not authentic.

And i like how Malaysia is nice and quiet too. Unlike Jakarta which is always hectic.

The Sacred Riana, in an exclusive interview with TRP

So what’s next?

After already producing two horror Indonesian movies inspired by her life stories, and winning several awards, we asked what’s next in the future for her.

(Credit: @rianariani / Instagram)

I’m planning to make other magic shows in other countries in Asia, maybe in the US or Australia too. And also, we want to expand our (The Sacred Riana) universe through comic books, series and haunted houses.

The Sacred Riana, in an exclusive interview with TRP

Finally, at the end of the interview, she invites Malaysians to come see her show and be amused as this is not just a performance about herself, but about the audience as well.

Don’t forget to bring sentimental value from a dead person to the show. And be prepared.

Come, let’s play.

The Sacred Riana, in an exclusive interview with TRP

So, that’s all we have for the Sacred Riana. Do you believe that she meant every word from her story or do you think her character is just a facade?

Do you believe in magic and superstition or are you a logical person who thinks this is all an illusion?

Well, find out for yourself on her show tomorrow and prepare to be amused!

For those who want to see the show, tickets are still available here.

For more info on her show or other exciting events in the future, follow Mediaberg Concerts & Shows on Instagram and Facebook.

If you wanna follow Riana’s life updates, you can check her out on Instagram.

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