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American Comedian Chrissie Mayr Baits Malaysians On Twitter, Makes MAS “Joke”

American Comedian Chrissie Mayr Baits Malaysians On Twitter, Makes MAS “Joke”

Chrissie Mayr engages with angry Malaysians on Twitter.

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With Jocelyn “no longer a Singaporean” Chia still trending on Twitter, a relatively unknown American comedian, at least over on this side of the globe, choose to bait Malaysians with a Malaysia Airlines (MAS) “joke”.

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It all started when Chrissie Mayr shared a clip of Chia’s stand-up bit and commented that it’s not a comedian’s job to avoid certain topics that trigger the sensitive, but it’s their job to be funny.

“I really hope Jocelyn doesn’t apologise for this great joke,” Mayr wrote.

She had to have known this wouldn’t sit well with many here. While it is her right to tweet her support for Chia, Mayr decided to engage with the barrage of criticism her Twitter account attracted, even going so far as to “bait” the Malaysian crowd with a “joke” about MAS.

Prior to that, Mayr acknowledged the reaction she has been receiving following her support for Chia.

She then went to town engaging with some of the responses she had been getting.

To one user, she labelled her “Sum Ting Wong”.

She even engaged with those who wrote to her in Bahasa Malaysia, dissecting one insult she received “basuh berak dulu baru sembang”.

Mayr who possibly used Google Translate found out what the phrase means and remarked: “Are Malaysians washing their poop? That would explain so much.”

When someone replied to her, asking: “U guys don’t wash it after pooping?”, she misunderstood “it” to mean “poo” and confidently responded: “No we flush it down the toilet – yikes you guys are gross.”

Anyone with good hygiene would know that “it” means one’s rear end and it’s only common sense to wash it after pooping.

Who is Chrissie Mayr?

While Malaysians are very familiar with comedians from the US such as Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, George Carlin, Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman and so many other names, Chrissie Mayr is not that well known here.

In fact for many Malaysians, it is safe to assume today is the first time they are hearing her name.

So who is she? Her Twitter bio says she’s a comedian.

Google meanwhile gave us an article from Huffpost from just a few days ago where Mayr was apparently criticised for making a racist joke.

According to the article, Mayr had also attended a Donald Trump pre-riot January rally in Washington.

In a clip, Mayr made a racist joke about fast food chain Chick-fil-A serving fried chicken.

Watch the clip here:

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