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“An Honour To Eat Dishes Of Mahathir’s Country” – Pakistanis React To Malaysian Food

“An Honour To Eat Dishes Of Mahathir’s Country” – Pakistanis React To Malaysian Food

A Pakistani villager says Malaysia is the country of Mahathir Mohamad, a great leader.

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One thing that unites Malaysians is our food. We can be divided on many things but when it comes to food, no one can come between us and the long list of good food we have here.

It is no wonder then that many on social media are enjoying a video that shows villagers from tribal regions of Pakistan reacting to trying out our food for the first time.

Made by YouTube channel Reactistan, the video featured several villagers; Manzoor, Mehboob, Mustafa, Raadha and Naseeba, and they were told they would be trying out food from Malaysia.

When asked if they have heard of Malaysia, Manzoor immediately responded: “Malaysia, the country of Mahathir Mohamad. A great leader.”

He is of course referring to former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Several others however misheard it as Malaria.

When told they’d be served Malaysian food today, the man who knows of Mahathir was quick to react that it would be an honour to eat the dishes of Mahathir Mohamad’s country.

Masha Allah food from a Muslim country.


Since it’s a Muslim country, they will definitely serve meat.


Nasi Lemak

The first dish they were given was Nasi Lemak. It was served on a plate, with every condiment placed next to each other, and not “nasi lemak bungkus”.

Alhamdulillah, I’m so happy that you are serving me royal food today.

Mustafa exclaimed gratefully

Nasi lemak may be a common sight for us but for this villager from Pakistan, it looked like it was food fit for a king and he did not hide his happiness and gratitude.

When told the dish was callled “nasi lemak”, Manzoor misheard it as “naseeba lemon”. In urdu, naseeba means luck.

The verdict from Mehboob was: “Fantastic, very good, mind-blowing!”

Roti Jala

When the hosts broke out our famous roti jala and curry, one of the villagers found it a bit odd that we call it roti. This is understandable as the roti they are used to looks different.

They made the roti jala like a net to trap people. Usually trend is to catch fish, they catch people with the roti. No, no I won’t give in to this.


Loved the curry. May God prevent me from lying but I didn’t care for the roti.


The roti even though not savoury, but still it’s tasty.


Verdict: Sceptical, but the curry won them over.

Teh tarik

This is something they are somewhat familiar with, except for the foam that comes with pulling the tea to high heavens.

They found the teh tarik served good but bitter and not sweet. Naseeba added sugar.

When they were showed a video of how teh tarik is made in Malaysia, which included the theatrics of pulling the tea and spinning around, Naseeba remarked that if they were to do this, they’d end up being showered by the drink.

Verdict: Good but bitter

In conclusion, they seemed happy with our food, except for the roti jala.

We just had their food, would love to explore their country. They are like our brothers, would love to meet them.


If I ever get the opportunity, I will go for their best food. The food that I will like. There is such a big variety you knkow. I will try to choose.


All the food was good except the net.


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