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Deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker Wins Social Media Hearts With Cleverly Edited Wes Anderson Reel

Deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker Wins Social Media Hearts With Cleverly Edited Wes Anderson Reel

The first Orang Asli MP and Deputy Speaker of Dewan Rakyat, Ramli Mohd Nor executed the Wes Anderson trend smoothly.

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It’s not every day you see a politician following a TikTok trend. But recently, a smoothly edited video of the Wes Anderson trend went viral, this time done by our Deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker, Datuk Ramli Mohd Nor.

Garnering around 325K views and 29K likes at the moment of writing, Ramli’s video featured him showing off his day at work at the parliament, Deputy Speaker’s style.

(Credit: Ramli Mohd Nor / TikTok)

With a typical Wes Anderson filmography, his videos featured him walking in straight lines through the frame and doing symmetrical movements with a vibrant saturated background.

What’s amusing to see in this video is how he acted throughout the video with a poker face on, especially at the part where he hid behind a pillar and played on the swing at the end of the video.

@ramli.mohdnor Bila saya fefeeling ikut trend #Wesanderson #Ramlimohdnor #RMN #Timbalanspeaker #Parlimenmalaysia #Dewanrakyat #Malaysiamadani ♬ original sound – Ramli Mohd Nor

For those unfamiliar with Ramli, he is also known as the speaker who reminded the MPs to not act like they were in a zoo while in the parliament.

Last February, when the council was still in session, he told the MPs that the public already has a bad impression of them working in the parliament, as one person randomly asked him at a mamak stall, “How’s the zoo?”, referring to their antics.

He reminded all the MPs to behave and continue upholding the virtues and etiquette while in Dewan Rakyat, especially because they are filmed live, for the public to see.

Netizens are impressed & amused by his Wes Anderson trend

Since the video went viral, a lot of people commented and reacted to it.

Many of them are amused and they find it cute seeing how this strict ex-police officer could do a trend as quirky as this.

One even said that his social media team did a good job at keeping up with the youngster’s trend.

Others just made fun of what usually goes on in the parliament.

So, who exactly is this man and why is he so special?

For your information, Ramli is no ordinary politician. Not only is he the first member of Parliament from the Orang Asli community, but he is also the first from the community to be elected Deputy Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat.

Here’s a little background on Ramli Mohd Nor that you might know about.

Ramli was born in the Batu 12 Orang Asli Settlement, Jalan Pahang, Gombak, Selangor. His father was from the Semai tribe in Cameron Highlands, Pahang while his mother is from the Temiar tribe in Gua Musang, Kelantan.

His father, the late Mohd Nor Abdullah or Bah Ayob was no ordinary man, as he was among the founding members of the police’s Senoi Praaq unit – a jungle fighting force trained by the British Special Air Service to counter communist insurgency.

(Credit: Ramli Mohd Nor / Facebook)

Ramli started off his career being a port traffic officer in Johor from 1980 to 1984 until he joined the police force (PDRM) in 1984 and served for 34 years. Before his retirement in 2018, he was the deputy director at the Bukit Aman Commercial Crimes Investigation Department.

For his studies, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies (Hons) from the University of East London and also continued getting two Master’s Degrees, one in Public Administration from Open University Malaysia and another in Bussines Administration from The University of the West of Scotland (UWS), Scotland, UK. He then also took a PhD in Business Studies at the International University Malaya-Wales (IUMW).

Besides being conversant in Mandarin, another fun fact about Ramli is that he was chosen to undergo training at the USA’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) while he was still serving in the police corps. He spent three months training at the FBI Academy in Quantico along with 56 other policemen chosen from all around the world in 2014.

The first Orang Asli MP in the Parliament

Ramli Mohd Nor’s political journey began when he contested in the Cameron Highlands by-election in 2019. He emerged as the chosen candidate, representing the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

(Credit: Ramli Mohd Nor / Facebook)

He secured his victory (12,038 votes) in the election by defeating Pakatan Harapan’s M. Manogaran (DAP) and two other independent candidates; Wong Seng Yee and Sallehudin Ab Talib.

He then became the first Orang Asli to be elected into the Dewan Rakyat. Ramli’s victory brought hope for greater representation and a stronger voice for the Orang Asli within the political landscape.

The first Orang Asli Deputy Speaker in the Parliament

In October 2021, he was nominated as a Deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker by Umno after Pengerang MP Datuk Seri Azalina Othman tendered her resignation on August 2021.

He then became the first Orang Asli MP sitting as the temporary Dewan Rakyat Speaker in March 2022 to fill in for Tan Sri Azhar Azizan Harun while he was away to chair a Special Chamber meeting.

(Credit: Ramli Mohd Nor / Facebook)

Then, officially in December 2022, he was appointed as the Deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker along with Alice Lau, a Pakatan Harapan MP representing Lanang.

Three names were thrown in the hat for the post of deputy speaker; Ramli, Lau and Perikatan Nasional’s (PN) Masjid Tanah MP Datuk Mas Ermiyati Samsudin. A vote was conducted and Ramli obtained 148 votes, Lau garnered 146 while Mas Ermieyati only managed 74.

Ramli now serves as the Deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker under Speaker Datuk Johari Abdul who was previously the MP for Sungai Petani.

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