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Here’s What The Public Has To Say About “Anwar The Untold Story” After Cinema Release

Here’s What The Public Has To Say About “Anwar The Untold Story” After Cinema Release

Most people find the storyline of “Anwar: The Untold Story” to be quite choppy but it was still uplifting, nevertheless.

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After years of prepping for the Anwar Ibrahim movie, the film is finally ready for the public to view.

According to Viva Westi, the writer and director of the film, the film was in the works since 2011, way before the role of PMX was even possible for Anwar.

The production took RM10 million to make and according to Berita Harian, even on the first day of its release, the film already managed to collect RM1 million, the first biopic film in Malaysia to do so.

Having been released in cinemas nationwide on 18 May, now many have their own say of the movie.

It was nauseating – Khairuddin Abu Hassan

GTA politician and Dr Mahathir loyalist, Khairuddin Abu Hassan recently gave his view on the “controversial” film.

According to him, the nauseating film was a propaganda element to slander and tarnish the reputation of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and at the same time position himself to be a “godfather”.

He further stated that the film had a lot of misleading facts and claimed that it was done without proper research.

Mixed reviews

Apart from the point of view of a Mahathir loyalist, some other people gave their honest reviews of the movie. Some loved it.

They highlighted the strengths of the movie, which were Acha Septriasa’s exceptional acting skills in portraying Dr Wan Azizah’s emotional journey as a supportive wife.

They also said that the movie was quite moving, as it depicts Anwar’s harrowing personal life and turbulent career from the year 1993 and 1998.

Because it’s such an uplifting story, many people, young and old, came to watch the film and give their support.

However, the movie did have quite a lot of drawbacks that a lot of people could agree with.

For starters, because of the shortening of the 180-minute movie to a 100-minute movie, the storyline is quite choppy and jumpy. The transition was all over the place, some say, and the dialogues were quite cringy.

Besides that, the film was mostly an Indonesian production with only a few Malaysian cast such as Farid Kamil and Hasnul Rahmat. They filmed most of the film in Indonesia and only some in Malaysia.

Because of that, a lot of people complain that the accents in the film aren’t authentic and it’s a bit hard to imagine it to be a Malaysian film.

With every movie, of course, there are pros and cons, which leave some room for improvement in the future. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so it makes sense to have lots of mixed reviews about the film, right?

You can watch Anwar: The Untold Story in cinemas around you and tell us what you honestly think of the movie. Was it that bad or does it deserve some credit too?

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