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“I Speak 3 Languages Already!” Blackpink Fan Hilariously Tells Another Fan To Put Down Gigantic Fan

“I Speak 3 Languages Already!” Blackpink Fan Hilariously Tells Another Fan To Put Down Gigantic Fan

The concertgoer’s gigantic red fan blocked everyone’s view of the stage and Blackpink.

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Blackpink’s concert in Singapore over the weekend apparently saw much chaos. A Blackpink group member Jennie called out fans for using their phones the whole time, while a concert attendee was allegedly wheeled out of the stadium in a wheelchair.

However, what caught everyone’s attention amidst all the chaos was the giant traditional Chinese fan held by a concertgoer that blocked people’s views.

In a viral TikTok video, a man could be heard shouting at the concertgoer to put down the fan. TikTok user Trixl4uu clarified that the person shouting politely was someone standing behind her.

The giant fan blocked the people standing behind it from seeing Blackpink on stage.

The man continued asking the person holding the gigantic fan to put it down. What made the situation funnier was when he revealed that he has been shouting in three languages to no avail.

In another video, he almost broke out in laughter after yelling at the culprit to stop sabotaging the other Blackpink fans.

@trixl4uu 😭😭 #bornpinksg #sgtiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – katt !! – " care tree elle 💐🤍 "
@trixl4uu Replying to @lylin857 PART 2 😭 FANS VS FAN #bornpinksg #sgtiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – katt !! – " care tree elle 💐🤍 "

Trixl4uu shared that the person held the giant fan up throughout the fan interaction session but put it down when Blackpink started singing. So, all is not lost.

Netizens were entertained by the video despite feeling for the fans that had their views blocked by the giant fan.

They loved how the man remained politely angry as he repeatedly said “please,” which added to the hilarity of the situation.

Netizens also spotted Thai words on the giant fan and jokingly said the man should have added a fourth language to the mix.

Meanwhile, some people felt the person intentionally held up the gigantic fan to block other people’s views.

They said they would have quickly snatched the fan away from the person and returned the fan at the end of the concert.

Due to this incident, some fans also think concert organisers should ban signs or any items that could potentially block the stage view.

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