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Kelantan Schoolgirl Gets Rich By Selling Slimming Products – Known For RM1.8K Tumbler

Kelantan Schoolgirl Gets Rich By Selling Slimming Products – Known For RM1.8K Tumbler

Piya recently paid RM10,000 in business zakat for her earnings last year as the “founder of a slimming product”.

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If you scour the internet on a daily basis, you might have heard of the viral RM1.8K tumbler bought by a school kid last month.

Well, guess what, she bought that with her own blood, sweat and tears. How? Simple. Apparently by being the “founder of a slimming product business”.

The 14-year-old schoolgirl is Putri Mumtaz Sunnafis Luthfiya, or as she calls herself, Piya.

Recently, Piya made the news by paying RM10,000 in business zakat (tithe) to the Kelantan Islamic religious council and is the youngest business zakat payer in Kelantan.

@putriluthfiya_ Alhamdulillah tepat di hari pertama Ramadhan 23/03/2023 piya dah menunaikan zakat pada usia 14 tahun, masyaallah tabarakallah terimakasih YA ALLAH sbb engkau tlah memberikan kepercayaan ini kepada ku, di usia muda boleh menunaikan zakat dengan hasil berbisnes @BebycurfHq doakan piya boleh membantu ramai orang lagi lepasni untuk sama2 berjaya dengan #bebycurf dan boleh membayar zakat macam piya juga aamiin #fyp #ramadhan2023 #duitraya #raya2023 #jomkurusbersamabebycurf bunyi asal – Putriluthfiya

As reported by Bernama, she handed the business zakat for the year 2022 to chief zakat officer Ameer Azeezy Tuan Abdullah last Thursday, accompanied by her mother Bibi Hasnalinda Zainal Abidin, 46, and father Mustaman Che Yusof, 60.

Currently a Form 2 student in Pasir Mas, Piya said the money was from a food replacement product business that she worked on for four months from September last year. The sales revenue that she collected for those four months were RM400,000.

“I didn’t think at this young age that I would be able to reach six figures in sales by working on my own products. In fact, despite generating that much sales I also did not forget to fulfil this fourth pillar of Islam,” she said.

Founder of weight loss product

According to Piya, she is the founder of a slimming product called BebyCurf.

Bebycurf is a “coffee sachet” marketed as a slimming drink. Checks on Facebook found that her mother – known as Kak Bie – had been promoting a food replacement product called Bebycurve since at least 2019. It is unclear if the two products are similar. The product is claimed to be a weight-reduction drink that works by reducing your appetite and improving your digestive system.

@putriluthfiya_ Kan sedar-sedar dah kurus nak piya guide tak biar sama2 kurus macam piya ? Kalau nak cuba komen sikit #fyp #fyppage #dietjourney #bebycurfhq ♬ PREI KANAN KIRI – –

Now marketed under Piya, she revealed that she weighed 95 kg last year. And currently this year, she now weighs around 65 kg. She claimed that she lost over 30 kg by only drinking her weight loss drink, no exercise, and no dieting, apparently, just by using that.

Besides that, Piya was also gifted a red Volkswagen car at the age of 14 by her parents. All it took was a promise from her mother that she loses weight. After losing just 9 kg, Piya got her birthday present last year and thanked her parents for keeping the promise. She also promised herself to lose more weight in the future, which, she actually did.

The RM1.8K tumbler girl

If you think that she looks familiar, you’re right.

Just last month, Piya’s video of drinking from a RM1.8K limited edition Starbucks tumbler went viral with over 2.7M views on TikTok. Piya flexed the Starbucks tumbler in her school uniform while exiting her luxury car. Apparently, she took the tumbler everywhere, even to school.

In her post, she also promoted her product saying “Drinking from the expensive tumbler didn’t get me to lose weight, but drinking from bebycurf did,”.

@putriluthfiya_ Rasa dia macam menyesal je beli mahal2 sebab air tu tak boleh turunkan berat badan piya saka kurus dari #bebycurf je boleh turunkan berat badan piya, kalau korang nak turunkan berat badan boleh tekan link dekat bio piya ye #fyp #fypgakni #tumblerrhinestones #jutawanmuda #jomkurus suara asli – xhanxNvall – XhanxNvall

Her actions got quite a backlash from netizens at the time. But an interview with Mstar revealed that Piya just uploaded that content just for fun, not for clout. She used to upload videos of her business for marketing purposes, but that day, she never thought that particular tumbler video could get her that far.

Responding to the backlash, Piya is well aware of her “haters” but she took the liberty of thanking them for sharing her video. Without them, she wouldn’t have made it this far.

In addition to that, Piya said that she is proud of herself because, at the age of 14, she even got to bring her family to perform umrah in Mecca with her own money.

Indeed, her entrepreneurial spirit should be admired but people should be advised that there is no shortcut to weight loss. You’ll eventually get your dream body with proper exercise and diet. Always take note of what you are consuming.

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