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Woman In Kelantan Slammed For Bringing Cat On KTM Train Ride

Woman In Kelantan Slammed For Bringing Cat On KTM Train Ride

Marissa’s owner claimed that she didn’t know about the No Pets rule in public transportation.

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Previously, we have heard about problems of Malaysians not being comfortable with dogs in public spaces.

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However, the issue of pets being in public spaces is not exclusively for dogs only. This includes cats too and some people apparently are not aware of this.

A woman brought her Golden British Shorthair cat on the KTM train

Recently, a woman (@elizadianna) uploaded a video on TikTok of her cat experiencing a train ride. The video garnered almost 500 K views and 25 K likes at the time of writing.

In the video, the woman, Eliza, told a story of how she came about the rule of no pets allowed. Initially, she didn’t know that pets weren’t allowed on public transportation, so that’s why she brought along her cat, named Marissa.

Eliza and her two sons were on a KTM ride from Sri Mahligai to Gua Musang at the time.

Initially, they took some pictures of Marissa on the seat and of her looking out the window. After that, her son pointed out a signage saying no pets allowed. That’s when they started to get anxious about it.

Then the conductor came and asked what was in the pet carrier to which she directly told, her cat. The conductor told her that pets weren’t allowed and she was forced to put her cat in the baggage section after that.

She followed the officer’s instruction and placed her cat alone in that section.

Netizens scolded her

After the video went viral, a lot of people expressed how this behaviour should not be tolerated. Generally, pets, including cats, are not even allowed in public spaces, let alone public transportation. This is because some people may have allergies and are not comfortable with the hygiene of pets in public spaces.

Some even commented that her video might encourage others to do the same.

She explained herself

After her video went viral, she explained herself in a few other videos.

According to her, she did put Marissa in the baggage section after the conductor asked her to.

On how she managed to bring her cat in, she justified by saying that she even bought a ticket for Marissa, so netizens should not blame the KTM conductor.

@elizadianna Replying to @zaza rashid Kita rekod video dan edit part yg lawa² je wakkk.. yg buruk² kita cut atau simpan.. standby utk soalan² mcm ni la.. Harap takde yg salah faham ye. Its a common sense 😉 #kucing #railroad #railtrip #tripwithcat #catvideo #jangankecam ♬ Santai – Faizal Tahir

She also said there were passengers in her coach as she was just travelling in the village area. She admitted that it was her fault for bringing Marissa with her and wanted the public to stop blaming the KTM staff.

@elizadianna Saya maafkan semua org yg tuduh saya macam² ..Saya tahu saya memang salah sebab bawak #kucing naik #train Please jgn salahkan staf #ktm @E.D.Z | Cats of TikTok👱🏻‍♀️ ♬ Langit Yang Sama – Dalia Farhana

All in all, the “No Pets Allowed” rule is there for a reason. Some people might have serious allergies to it and some are just not comfortable.

If you really wanna take your pets out for a walk in a public space, do ensure that it is a pet-friendly space.

You wouldn’t even be comfortable if someone brings their pet dogs, rabbits or birds into a public train now, would you?

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