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Local Brand Slammed For Turning Bukit Bintang Street Into ‘Fashion Runway’

Local Brand Slammed For Turning Bukit Bintang Street Into ‘Fashion Runway’

The brand was making a fashion statement of fusing both traditional and modern features of a Baju Melayu and the public couldn’t disagree more.

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As the festive season of Eid is approaching, local brands are racing to promote their wares with a plethora of marketing techniques.

To make yourself well known, you have to be bold and to be bold calls for all kinds of fashion statements, including the good or bad reps too.

Recently, a local fashion brand known for its eccentric traditional meets futuristic creation has made the headlines again.

A Raya photoshoot

They made a fashion statement by doing a quick runway show at the famous crossroads of Bukit Bintang last week on Monday (Feb 13).

The video saw the models and influencers dressed in their colourfully flamboyant Baju Melayu clothes clutching oversized shopping bags while walking on an imaginary runway on the yellow zebra crossing in front of Pavilion KL.

As it turns out the runway was a photoshoot session for the brand’s upcoming Raya 2023 collection. They used the iconic area in front of Pavilion KL to shoot for their upcoming new designs.

For your information, this local brand is known to take traditional Malaysian clothes and give them a modern and futuristic touch. However, not everyone is a fan of the designer’s eccentric take on traditional wear and finds it disrespectful.

They’ve previously created unconventional Baju Kebayas, Cheongsams, Samfoos and many more. A huge fan of this brand’s designer is our bold fashion icons, Aina Abdul and Dato Seri Vida.

Netizens were not too happy with it

Not only did they go viral for the neon oversized designs but netizens were quick to slam their so-called runway.

Because of it, other pedestrians were seen confused and distracted during the quick runway crossing. Some say that their path has been obstructed by them.

Some just made fun of their rainbow designs and compared them to well-known characters.

Many found the designs insulting as they crossed the thin line between modern fashion and traditional wear.

However they plan on promoting their collection, it sure got the public’s attention. One way or another.

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