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Construction Site Trespasser Learns Valuable Lesson

Construction Site Trespasser Learns Valuable Lesson

These people keep building skyscrapers and for what, he muttered to himself.

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It started out like any other typical day. He had no idea that things would take a dramatic turn later on.

Some would say it was to be expected but not for him. Everything he did was normal. Even muddling his way up a high-rise that’s still under construction.

People don’t understand me, he thought to himself as he happily trotted into the construction site.

“They say no don’t go there, don’t climb that, don’t go here, don’t do that. Bah humbug,” he muttered under his breath.

“I’m a free agent! I do what I want and go where I please,” he grumbled as he hobbled past the 15th floor of the high-rise building.

The piles of wood and metal, screws and bolts did not deter him. All he wanted to do was see how high the building was.

“These people keep building skyscrapers and for what? I could do with a nice clubhouse but nooo they need their tall buildings,” he rambled to himself, now passing the 20th floor.

The view was fantastic. He could see for miles and he stopped for a second to admire his kingdom below.

The daredevil in him however had not been satisfied. Not yet.

“Damn, this thing has more floors still. If the view is gorgeous at 20, I wonder what it looks like at 30,” he said.

Not wanting to let his curiousity go unanswered, he made his way up. And up. And up. Until he landed on the 30th floor.

Again, he took some time to admire the view. It was then something caught his eye. He thought it could have been a mouse. Oh what a story that would be to tell my friends that I caught a mouse on the 30th floor, he thought to himself.

He moved towards what he thought was a mouse. All of a sudden he found himself performing a balancing act on the metal rebar. The height didn’t scare him much but he figured he’d pushed his luck far enough for one day.

There was no mouse in sight and he was beginning to feel hungry. It was time to make his way down.

Just before stepping off the rebar to get back on solid ground, he saw a hole in the middle of the metal.

“Hmm that’s a pretty hole. Maybe the mouse went through it. Perhaps I should just take a peek?” he mulled.

Curiousity got the better of him and he stuck his head down the hole. He looked around and saw no mouse. He figured it really was time to get out.

“Errr help?” He panicked as he realised he couldn’t get his head out of the hole.

“Help!” he began to scream.

Fortunately for him, there were other people on the 30th floor and someone soon came to see the fuss he was kicking up with his shrieks.

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, kepala dia lekat rupanya kat lubang ni (Oh my God, his head is stuck in the hole!),” one man exclaimed in horror.

Jap eh, jap eh (Hold on okay),” the man tried to calm him down. At this point, he was half scared and half angry.

“Help me out of here, you fool,” he yelped.

The man called for help and soon he heard the voice of another man, saying, “Ya ya nak tolong ni (Yes, I’m going to help you).”

The other man who was decked in an orange safety attire and white helmet, gently held his head and slowly moved it side to side, trying to wiggle it out of the hole. All the while he kept grumbling wondering why it was taking so long. It’s not like he had never gotten his head stuck in weird places before.

After more gentle wiggling, the helmet man managed to free his head and he was taken off the metal rebar. They took him inside and he looked at the people who just rescued him.

The helmet man gave a thumbs up and he thought to himself: “Yea what do you want from me? A hug?! Bah humbug!”

He casually walked away and made his way down, eager to tell his buddies about his little adventure.

Does this mean he would be more careful next time?

Nahhh, he thought. This just means I gotta find a slightly bigger hole to peek through. He trotted away, wagging his tail, happy that he survived another day.

“9 lives, they said. I’m probably just at 3 now,” he snickered in glee.

PS: Thank you TikTok user @hasiruddin_hadi for sharing a video of the rescue.

Writer’s note: The above is obviously a fictitious dramatization of the rescue.

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