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LEGO Unveils 8 New Diverse Characters

LEGO Unveils 8 New Diverse Characters

LEGO introduces 8 new characters and 8 new game sets.

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The LEGO Group has created 8 new LEGO® Friends from different backgrounds to celebrate the diversity and friendship in the community of the modern world.

The objective behind this is to make sure that more kids from different backgrounds are given the opportunity to connect and also to be represented while playing with the characters.

The World of LEGO® Friends Re-imagined

The new world of LEGO® Friends with a variety of characters is the outcome of the 2022 LEGO® Play Well Study which consists of 32,781 parents and 24,593 children who showed tremendous desire for more representation of children in the game.

97% of the parents believe that it is important to have a discussion about the individual uniqueness among us with 85% agreeing to the fact that games and toys can play an important role in helping children to understand individual uniqueness.

LEGO fans can now expect new characters with a variety of skin tones, cultures, physical and non-physical disabilities, including differences in the body structure in addition to Down Syndrome, Anxiety, Vitiligo, and a dog in a wheelchair.

Besides that, the objective is also to shape the children to be a better friend by offering social and emotional development through playing with the characters.

As part of the storyline, the characters will try to overcome the modern challenges they face, the passion to overcome the obstacles and differences, all while trying to create friendship.

“Through this new addition to the world of LEGO® Friends, we not only aim to inspire children to form diverse and deep friendships but to make them feel cared for and heard through play. We’re excited to see children interact and build lasting relationships with the new LEGO® Friends characters, and hope this empowers them to form meaningful relationships in their everyday lives too,”

Rohan Mathur, Marketing Director of LEGO Southeast Asia

New Sets of Games From LEGO

Together with the introduction of the new characters, LEGO has also introduced eight new sets of games:

41739 Liann’s room

41730 Autumn’s House

41743 Hair Saloon

41732 Downtown Flower and Design Stores

41728 Heartlake Downtown Diner

41727 Dog Rescue Center

41733 Mobile Bubble Tea Shop

41731 Heartlake International School

In conjunction with the new characters, we received two of the new sets which were Liann’s Room and Hair Salon.

Having the opportunity to explore these sets, we found that it featured several new characters including Liann, Autumn, Paisley, and Olly.

These characters do not only stimulate the development of the mind and creativity, but also opens the child’s eyes to the various uniqueness of human personalities.

For example, the character Autumn is without her left hand but is an adventurous person while Liann is an artistic person and even her bedroom can be turned into a studio.

This set allows children to be more imaginative and they start to realize that their rooms can be turned into a new area if it is designed and arranged according to what they want.

In addition, this game set also exposes children to the importance of loving each other regardless of the background and circumstances of the people around them.

As for the Hair Salon set, the appearance of Paisley who suffers from anxiety but has a good talent in art and music caught the attention of many.

In this set, another new character that also appeared is Olly, a child who grew up in a simple family but has dreams of becoming a prominent figure in the fashion world.

He is very charismatic, hard-working, persuasive and is skilled in various fields including editing photos, videos, sewing, and designing clothes.

The game set with the background of a beauty salon also allows the children to know and learn about the services, equipment and fittings that are usually found in a salon.

It becomes more interesting when we combined the two sets as if they represented a room in a house and a shop located within the same residential area!

Collect all these great games!

If you want something different, maybe you can try the other new play sets such as the Dog Rescue Center which is sure to be the dream of children who love animals, or the Downtown Flower and Design Stores set for flora lovers.

Other play sets such as Autumn’s House, and Heartlake International School are also cool.

For more information, visit LEGO’s official website or visit their official online stores on Lazada and  Shopee.

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