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DVS Confirms Receiving Report Of Alleged ‘Snake Owner And Kitten Hunter’

DVS Confirms Receiving Report Of Alleged ‘Snake Owner And Kitten Hunter’

After backlash from netizens, Syazuan lodged a police report saying his Twitter post was just a joke and people are harassing him.

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The Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) confirmed receiving a complaint regarding the action of a man on Twitter allegedly on the hunt for stray kittens to feed his pet snake.

Director General of DVS, Dr Akma Ngah Hamid, in a reply on Twitter informed that their party received a complaint on the matter and it has been passed on to the Animal Welfare section.

I have taken note of this issue. Complaints are also received through the department’s email and forwarded to the Animal Welfare Section.

If there is a complaint involving animal welfare, please make a complaint directly through the MyAnimalWelfare system.

Dr Akma Ngah Hamid, Director General of JPV

Allegedly Fed His Snake With Free Cats Or Rabbits

The man, known as Syazuan, posted several tweets previously in which he made it look as though he was looking for cats to feed his pet Albino snake. Some of the ‘snake food’ was even allegedly obtained from pet owners who had put up their pets for adoption.

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“My friend and I always try and find free kittens or bunnies to feed our snakes,” said the man on Twitter.

In a Twitter thread of cats up for adoption, Syazuan would say that their cats would be in a better home with him and there are other people who supported his actions.

Turns out, he doesn’t even own a snake and the whole thing is ‘just a joke’

After backlash from netizens over his controversial tweets, Syazuan made his social media accounts private.

People even went as far as finding his LinkedIn as well as Instagram profile and it went viral to the point that Syazuan had to lodge a police report.

In the police report, he admitted that he had replied to a Twitter post saying that he owned a snake and that he looked for cats or rabbits to feed his pet snake. However, he claimed in the report that the tweet was nothing more than a joke. After finding out that his LinkedIn and Instagram accounts had gone viral, he decided to lodge a police report to explain that what he posted was just a joke. He also included in the report that he doesn’t own a snake.

He even put the explanation of the police report as his Twitter banner, after changing his Twitter name from @syazuanism to @kutilapak.

However, based on our checks, the account @kutilapak now no longer exists on Twitter.

Screenshot of Syazuan’s Twitter page before the account disappeared.

Whether what he did was intentional or otherwise, some of us would agree that it was a joke gone too far.

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