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Man Gives Angpau To Garbage Collectors – Their Reactions Are Heartwarming

Man Gives Angpau To Garbage Collectors – Their Reactions Are Heartwarming

During the recent CNY, the man often gave angpaus to strangers and made heartwarming videos portraying their reactions.

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A good deed goes a long way.

One act of charity can give other people an immense sense of joy. And this is what a man has been doing this Chinese New Year.

Last week, a good samaritan gave angpau to the garbage collectors that were working in his neighbourhood around 3am and recorded their reactions.

His video went viral on TikTok with 1.5 M views and 131.2 K likes at the time of writing.

In the video, he saw the garbage truck outside his house and brought an angpau to the gate.

He asked how many people altogether were there and the worker said four – three of them to pick up the dustbins and one lorry driver.

The man gave them a red envelope and said that this angpau is for four people, so it was quite ‘big’.

The workers received the angpau with a big smile and a bow to him, expressing their gratefulness.

When they checked the amount, they automatically couldn’t contain their big grin, showing how happy and unexpected it was.

The man proceeded to ask them what time it was, realising that it was already 3 am. They said that they usually start their work at 12 am, going around his neighbourhood every night.

Looking at their genuinely joyful grins, netizens praised the man for creating such heartwarming content and for being a generous man, helping those random strangers.

He’s known to be quite generous

This was not the first time he gave a random angpau. During the span of this CNY period, he has been giving random strangers ‘big’ angpaus while they’re working.

It turns out that this man is Nicholas Lim Pinn Yang, the Co-founder of Foodie, a digital food and travel media in Malaysia.

From F&B workers and food delivery riders to car detailers and rickshaw riders, Pinn Yang gave each person approximately RM100.

A lot of his videos trended on TikTok this past few days, showing how people love to see the workers’ gleeful beam whenever he gave them an unexpected surprise.

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