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‘Spooky’ CNY Mannequin In Local Mall Scares Guests But Also Invites Laughter

‘Spooky’ CNY Mannequin In Local Mall Scares Guests But Also Invites Laughter

This year’s Chinese New Year decoration in a local mall brought the chills instead and luckily, some found the humour in it.

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Whenever a celebration rolls around, shopping malls will be decked in festive decorations to entice more shoppers to visit and to add to the festivities.

However, a shopping mall’s decoration accidentally gave some shoppers a good scare and a laugh.

In a viral video taken by a mall guest, the man complimented the decorations outside the mall entrance.

He then pointed out the scary mannequin wearing a green cheongsam behind the glass doors.

Due to the poor lighting, the mannequin in green cheongsam looked like it came out of a horror movie.

Compared to the mannequin in red cheongsam behind it, the mannequins actually look ordinary enough in better lighting (despite the bad wigs).

Image: Rebecca Rb/FB

Netizens had a good chuckle at the hilarious display and shared images of the spooky mannequin with others.

Some tried to guess what went on in the designer’s mind for coming up with such an unusual decoration.

A netizen joked that it was ‘high art’ and the others wouldn’t understand the art direction while another person said maybe the designer wasn’t given a bonus yet.

A few of them also quoted lyrics from a popular Chinese song, Bai Guang’s Waiting For You, which could sound scary due to horror movie tropes.

The lyrics go like this, “I’m waiting for you to come back. I’m waiting for you to come back. (Wo deng zhe ni hui lai, wo deng zhe ni hui lai).”

While some could see the humour in it, those who are more superstitious said they would avoid going into the mall.

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