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This Acronym In A Local Event Poster Got Us All Saying ‘What?!?’

This Acronym In A Local Event Poster Got Us All Saying ‘What?!?’

The acronym was supposed to be FLICK but there’s just something about the design that’s fishy.

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Quick! This is a personality test!

At first glance, what’s the first word you see in this picture?
B. Inappropriate word.

If you chose A, then you’re a very innocent person. If you chose B, well…

Kidding, this is not a personality test, but rather an amusing way of seeing a poster.

Has the poster gone wrong or incredibly right?

In a recent tweet shared by a Twitter user, @fazleyff, a poster of an event held by UTM and PTPTN was shared.

At first, you may not notice the peculiar word. It’s just a program for those who wanna learn more about financial literacy and career development, right?

But something is quite odd when you look at it the second time. Is that acronym really FLiCK? Or is that what we think it is? What’s with the K? Where is the D? Did they do this on purpose?

Netizens are having a good time

After the tweet went viral with 50.7 K views, a lot of people reacted with their amusement.

Some think this acronym was rather intentional.

Some wondered why is there a K in the acronym in the first place.

Whether it’s intentional or not, this is quite an effective way of marketing. It got all of our attention now.

Since it’s a formal institutional event, do you think the acronym was intentional or a mistake?

Here’s another personality test for you while you’re at it.

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