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This Event Gathered 237 Adorable Poms For Christmas – That’s A Malaysian Record!

This Event Gathered 237 Adorable Poms For Christmas – That’s A Malaysian Record!

The Puff & Tuft Pomeranian Club won a spot in the Malaysian Book of Records for The Most Pomeranians in a Pet Gathering.

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There are a lot of Christmas parties with friends, co-workers and families. But have you ever heard of a Christmas party with dogs?

Pomeranians to be specific.

They look like they’re having the time of their lives.
(Credit: Puft & Tuft Pomeranian Club)

The most Pomeranians ever in a gathering in Malaysia

Puff & Tuft, an exclusive and active Pomeranian Club has been organizing lots of gatherings and festive events for their members (the dogs, not the owners).

In an exclusive with TRP, Jessica Tan, a member of the club said that this is the third time they’re organising a Christmas party called Santapaws with Pomeranians and other dog breeds too.

They all look like little cute blobs, honestly.
(Credit: Puft & Tuft Pomeranian Club)

In 2020 they only had a gathering with 30 poms while in 2021, they had around 80 poms. This year, they went up quite a notch – 237 poms in one place, celebrating Christmas.

Initially, the Malaysian Book of Record only gave us the 200-pom target to reach if we wanted to break the record. But surprisingly, 237 Pomeranians showed up at the event!

There were other breeds there too. We had around 270 dogs at the event and 450 owners.

Jessica Tan, Admin of the Puff & Tuft Pomeranian Club to TRP

The Santapaws Christmas Party was held on the 4th of December at the CommonsKL, a pet-friendly place where you can dine and bring your furry friends to hang out.

They even had an Ugly Christmas dress code for the dogs too. Surprisingly, the furry doggies all behaved so nicely and properly, thanks to their responsible parents.

Meet and Greet with Santa (left) and poses in a snow globe (right).
(Credit: Puft & Tuft Pomeranian Club)

They had activities like experiencing snowfall, entering a big snow globe, meeting Santa, having gift exchanges and many more.

Not just that, they also had dog snacks like wet food, barf, cupcakes, dim sums, and broth served to the dogs for free. The owners had to buy their own food because who are we kidding, they’re not the focus of the party. They’re just the chauffeurs and maids. The cuddly pooches are the true stars!

Siew Mais & Cupcakes for dogs.
(Credit: Puft & Tuft Pomeranian Club)

The puppies also got to walk away with a door gift to themselves. This is one detailed event, that’s for sure.

If you have a pom and want to join the fun, check out their Facebook page here. This group is solely for owners to post the cute shenanigans of their poms.

(Credit: Puft & Tuft Pomeranian Club)

The newlyweds

Did you remember the two Pomeranians – Minnie and Cooper that got hitched in April this year?

Yes, it was a real dog wedding. We’re not kidding.

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Well, status update! They’re proud parents now. They now have a healthy little puppy named Rover.

Minnie & Cooper (left) and their only puppy, Rover (right).
(Credit: Jessica Tan)

Minnie. Cooper. Rover. You get the gist.

If you wanna follow the lives of this cute little family, you can find out more here.

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