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Malaysian Cat Whisperer? Watch How This Groomer Turns A Feisty Cat Into A Tame Feline

Malaysian Cat Whisperer? Watch How This Groomer Turns A Feisty Cat Into A Tame Feline

Anas Abu Amsyar, a cat groomer in Penang tamed the aggressive Eva who came all the way from Damansara.

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Not everyone can tame an aggressive cat. It takes years of experience and a little magic.

Recently, a video of a feisty cat being tamed went viral on social media after a person on Twitter (@crazycatmakcik) shared it on her page.

The original video belonged to Anas Abu Amsyar, a cat groomer based in Kepala Batas, Penang. The video garnered 4 M views and 334 K likes on his TikTok account,

Being a cat lover, Anas opened a professional cat groomer business called Kaka Cat House Penang. People have been coming from all over the peninsular to his grooming centre in Penang just for his magic.

In the video, a cat with gold fur named Eva travelled with her owners from Damansara to Kepala Batas. As soon as they got there, Eva was seen really aggressive towards Anas, even in the pet carrier.

(Credit: / TikTok)

Anas then worked his magic after setting her on the table and wearing a protective glove. After countless strikes, scratches and bites from Eva, it is time to use the ‘mantra’.

Anas flipped Eva over gently with one hand on her stomach and another on her shoulders. He caressed and calmed her slowly while reciting some sort of magical ‘mantra’ to her ears.

Next thing you know, he took off the protective glove and held Eva in his hands. He then held her like a baby and whispered some more magic words to her. Eva was so relaxed and she even blinked! Hey, cats blink if they like you, okay? That’s something special.

(Credit: / TikTok)

After that, Anas continued grooming Eva with a bath and a blow dry session. Eva seemed to like the spa treatment very much as she was calm and collected throughout the whole process.

Netizens think that he reformatted the cat

A lot of people were surprised at how Anas could tame such an aggressive cat like Eva. They’ve speculated all sorts of things that could explain the miraculous attitude change.

“Wait, did he read Ayat Kursi [a verse in the Quran] or something to her?”

There seemed to be a bit of a ‘ruqyah‘ [Islamic treatment for the possessed] session going on.”

Some even joked that the cat was formatted wrong, or has corrupt software in it.

“I think he pushed the restart button under her belly. The cat reformatted.”

“I’ve seen cases like these before. Usually, cats become like this when there’s corrupt software when you update your windows. That’s why you should install the original software to avoid things like this from happening.”

Another user even joked that Anas bribed Eva into behaving calmly for the money.

“Hi, I need to do some marketing content. Please give me your full cooperation. I’ll split the revenue in two for the both of us, ok?”

However, some people think that Anas just used a psychological technique to tame cats by getting their trust and reassuring them calmly.

It would appear that Anas is one talented cat whisperer but according to him, an aggressive cat could be due to separation anxiety.

In another video, Anas explained that handling aggressive cats require training, expertise, equipment, experience and self-confidence.

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