Now Reading Partners With Antis For Covid-Free Travel As Malaysia Gains Popularity Among Indonesians Partners With Antis For Covid-Free Travel As Malaysia Gains Popularity Among Indonesians said Malaysia is attracting more Indonesian travellers with its diversity of tourism products.

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Indonesia’s fastest-growing online travel agency (OTA),, has collaborated with Antis, touted as the number-one hand sanitiser in Indonesia.

Together, they have introduced the “Safer Vacations with x Antis” program that can be enjoyed by tourists who want to travel to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Through this program, and Antis would ensure that customers have a comfortable vacation during the pandemic by providing personal care kits, which can be a one-stop solution for their health.

These personal care kits are free for every customer who books hotel accommodation through and are distributed upon check-in at their respective hotels. x Antis personal care kit. (Pix: Muhammad Darisman)

Safe Travel Post Pandemic

Antis is produced by Enesis Group, which was founded in 1988.

Awin Sirait, Chief of Marketing for Enesis Group, stated that this is not the first time and Antis have collaborated in providing extra protection to customers.

We noticed the increasing trend of people travelling domestically and internationally, so we extend this collaboration to countries surrounding Indonesia that domestic tourists often visit.

Awin Sirait, Chief of Marketing for Enesis Group, on the collaboration with

The increasing number of people travelling is good for economic and tourism recovery, so it must be supported while considering the customers’ health to prevent the rise of cases.

He added that Antis products are included in the personal care kits, which customers trust as an effective hand sanitiser that kills 99% of germs in 4 seconds.

Sirait spoke at the program launch during a regional event held on Friday (2 December) at M Resort & Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Sara Elorza Susanto, International Business AVP of (left) and Awin Sirait, Chief of Marketing for Enesis Group, at the program launch. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Malaysia Gaining Popularity Among Indonesians

Also present was Sara Elorza Susanto, International Business AVP of

She said always pays attention to trends and the community’s needs in terms of travelling and tourism.

She pointed out that amid the improving pandemic conditions and the opening of access to various countries, interest in taking vacations abroad is increasing.

Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam are some of the favourite destinations for Indonesians.

We at always strive to provide more benefits for our customers, our collaboration with Antis is intended to add a sense of security and comfort when enjoying a vacation, especially abroad.

Sara Elorza Susanto, International Business AVP of, on safe travel as tourism surged.

She added that the program is expected to increase brand awareness of and Antis among international hotels.

The collaboration between Antis and has been established since the beginning of the pandemic.

It included the TIKETCLEANxANTIS campaign and the Long Stay & VACcation Rewards Program. is the pioneer of OTA in Indonesia, which can be your best choice to get cheap hotel deals in many popular cities. (Video:

Indonesia’s No.1 Hand Sanitiser

Antis is a pioneer of hand sanitisers in Indonesia, both in the form of gel and spray, which are practical to use anywhere and anytime.

Antis products are proven to be the most effective in killing germs (Diarrhoea, Typhus, Salmonella, E. Coli, and Flu) according to World Health Organisation (WHO) standards and are clinically tested.

It is touted as the first company to produce mosquito repellent lotion in Indonesia, named Sar (now Soffell), and is currently the leader in the mosquito repellent lotion market in Asia and the Middle East.

Antis’s Jasmine Tea hand sanitiser is known for its innovative food-grade ingredients.

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