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Malaysians Share Heartwarming Moments Of Integration With The #KitaKawan Hashtag On Twitter

Malaysians Share Heartwarming Moments Of Integration With The #KitaKawan Hashtag On Twitter

From interracial marriages to fun random encounters with strangers, Malaysians have always been an integrated community.

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Due to the current political situation in Malaysia, there has been recent misinformation on one of the tragic moments in Malaysia – 13 May 1969. Some people have been spreading sentiments of racism and hate throughout social media because of this.

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To counter the animosity, some people also decided to spread love and unity by urging Malaysian netizens to share their favourite moments of having multiracial friends and family in Malaysia.


Malaysians have been growing up in a multiracial environment and of course, we create meaningful friends and family along the way.

Following this fact, a Twitter account called @mokciknab urges the public to post a picture, video or even story that symbolises a united Malaysia and tag it with the hashtag #KitaKawan.

Instead of being reminded of the harrowing division that occurred on 13 May, this ‘movement’ is aimed to remind Malaysians of the integration and harmony we already have.

Netizen starts to pour in

Following that, a lot of people accepted the trend and shared their personal stories, pictures and videos of our integrated culture.

Some people posted a picture of their interracial marriages, some of their childhood friendships and some of the random kind strangers they’ve met.

These are some examples of pictures and videos of the #KitaKawan posts.

In fact, whenever Malaysians meet each other outside of Malaysia, we’ll automatically feel at home when talking to each other, no matter what race we are.

One person even shared a clip of his Chinese friend professionally making him a Teh Tarik. That’s some useful skill there.

Because we’ve been celebrating tons of religious public celebrations together, some of us even remember other cultures’ Raya songs.

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Even though different places of worship are located near each other, Malaysians also respect each other’s religion and have been living peacefully as neighbours.

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One user even posted how they teach their multiracial students how to play the Malaysian Kompang in their music class.

These heartwarming posts are proof that we Malaysians are indeed united. No matter how people try to divide us, we Malaysians should always stand together and help each other whenever we need.

We’re all humans after all.

Besides that, Malaysians don’t just respect each other’s culture, in fact, we have no problem learning about them too!

Here are a few examples of Malaysian locals speaking different languages other than their mother tongue.

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Remember guys, spread love, not hate!

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