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[Watch] Mystery Of PLUS Highway’s Staircase Finally Answered

[Watch] Mystery Of PLUS Highway’s Staircase Finally Answered

A Tiktok user finally satisfied his curiosity after checking out what’s beyond the stairs along PLUS’ North-South Highway.

Adeline Leong

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Have you ever wondered where the stairs along PLUS’ North-South highway lead to? Most of us who have travelled along the highway must have wondered what’s up there but never had the chance to find out.

A Tiktok user Izzathafiy (@meggikare) finally satisfied his own curiosity when he decided to check out the stairs along the North-South Highway for himself.

In the video, Izzathafiy said the climb was long and he believed there were about 200 steps or more to get to the top.

He shared that there was a lookout point midway through but the trees blocked the view so he proceeded to climb the stairs higher.

Right on the peak of the hill, there’s a roofed resting hut with benches in a small field of grass surrounded by trees.

From here, he could enjoy the view of the highway under the shade.

@meggikare finally dari kecil aku nak tau apa ada kt atas tu.. korang perasan x? #northsouthhighway #lebuhrayautaraselatan #misteri #rnr #pitstop #fyp #fypp #ttviral #ttmalaysia #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #viral ♬ LIMITS THE SKY – Mpax

His discovery excited many curious netizens and the excitement poured over to Twitter as well.

Netizens thanked him for showing everyone what was up there and answering their deepest curiosity.

They also jokingly thanked him for saving their legs from attempting the climb up the hundred steps.

A netizen claimed that the area is known as Vista Point, right before Terowong Menora.

Now everyone can sleep peacefully knowing what’s up there. If you want to check out the place for yourself, please be mindful of road safety and be aware of your surroundings.

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