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“Cancel Lah Bye” – Customer Rudely Cancels 30 Packs Of Doughnut Order Last Minute

“Cancel Lah Bye” – Customer Rudely Cancels 30 Packs Of Doughnut Order Last Minute

The seller almost lost RM300 worth of sales as each pack of doughnuts cost RM10.

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Nowadays, many sellers are moving towards online businesses compared to having a physical store.

It saves up on your capital, you don’t need to pay rent every month and invest in maintenance or decoration for the store.

However, being an online seller also has its challenges. Apart from spending some capital on the deliveries, you could also get fake orders or customers that cancel their orders at the last minute.

A customer cancels 30 packs of doughnuts

That’s the case of a woman named Mieraa Eiya, a doughnut seller that specialises in fluffy red velvet doughnuts.

She got an order on 9 November for 30 packs of doughnuts from a guy for his event. She received the order through Facebook messenger and accepted the order of 30 packs of doughnuts that were due on the evening of the same day.

In her Facebook post, Mieraa Eiya shared her conversation with the customer and how he cancelled the order last minute.

At the last minute

His event was at 8 pm and she promised to deliver the doughnuts before 7 pm. As her brother was already on his way to deliver the order, the customer cancelled.

According to the chats, at 6.35 pm, the customer cancelled his order simply by saying “Cancel la dik, bye“, without any other explanation.

On the same night, she had to find other customers to promote her 30 packs of undelivered doughnuts.

Thankfully, she still managed to sell her doughnuts that night. But still, it was a challenging affair to accept almost RM300 worth of orders, prepare it diligently and have it randomly cancelled. All that hard work goes to nothing.

No deposit because he wants to pay it in full

By the looks of the chat, she did ask if he could pay the deposit, but the customer wanted to pay in full when she reached the destination because it’ll be easier for him. She agreed and proceeded with the order.

Some people sympathized her

Looking at the comments, a lot of people sympathized with Mieraa as she’s only a small business owner based in Klang. They expressed their frustration towards the customer too for cancelling his last-minute order.

At the same time, a lot of people advised her to take a deposit next time for bulk orders like this to avoid similar scammers and mass loss.

Experienced business owners also sympathized with her and told her to find serious buyers from now on by asking for their mobile numbers, not simply by private message chats. Some also advised checking the customer’s profile first before replying, if it seems sketchy, you should ask them to contact you with their mobile number on Whatsapp.

Some are sceptical…

However, some netizens find this situation a little too familiar with previous stories of small business owners getting duped.

They claimed that they’d seen this ‘getting sympathy’ tactic by telling their followers a sad story in hopes of getting more customers to see their products. They claimed that it’s a common marketing technique, apparently.

No matter how she was treated, Mieraa thanked the public for all the tips and constructive criticisms. She hoped that other small business owners could take her failure as a lesson as well.

You could try her doughnuts too if you’re in Klang or Shah Alam and craving Red Velvet doughnuts. Just pay a deposit first, if you want bulk orders. 😌

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