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“We’ll Put It Sideways If You Want RM120” Technician Shows Budget Option To Customer Who Wanted To Install An Aircond For Cheap

“We’ll Put It Sideways If You Want RM120” Technician Shows Budget Option To Customer Who Wanted To Install An Aircond For Cheap

The technician proposed an installation method which looks like the air conditioner might fall down anytime.

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In Malaysia’s tropical climate, air conditioners are essential to ensure comfort.

At the same time, people want minimal costs when installing a conditioner.

An air cond technician recently shared a screenshot of the conversation with his customer on Facebook

When the customer asked for a lower price, his response drew laughter from netizens.

The customer stated that he wanted to install a 1-horsepower air conditioner. 

After learning the price was RM250, he asked, “Can it be cheaper?”

The technician said the price was the market price and asked the customer, “How much do you want?” 

The customer said his budget was only RM120 and emphasized that he didn’t need to look good so long as the air conditioner worked.

The technician sent a picture to the other party, saying, “this is how it is.”

The photo shows an old air conditioner hanging sideways from the wall, and there is no support beneath it.

In other words, it looks shaky and dangerous.

Safety First

In the end, the customer declined to go ahead with the installation, and rightly so.

Most netizens urged the customer to spend more to ensure safety and avoid serious problems later.

Some pointed out several factors that need to be considered for installation, such as the type of air conditioning system and wiring and ductwork.

At the same time, netizens said that installing air conditioners will cost more depending on the horsepower.

Indeed, it is not only the best brand of air conditioner that matters but also installing it correctly.

Can Aircon Be Installed Anywhere?

In general, split air conditioning units should be installed in a central location in the room you want to cool or heat to ensure balanced airflow throughout the space.

The most appropriate location in the house or office space must be chosen to ensure its cooling effect within the building or room.

No installation of an air conditioner will be complete without the requisite amount of insulation in place.

Otherwise, the whole effort would be a waste and the occupants of the premises will not be able to enjoy the cooling effect of the air conditioners. 

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