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[Watch] A Poodle Is Found Tied Up At A Door – Looks Like It’s Abandoned By The Owner

[Watch] A Poodle Is Found Tied Up At A Door – Looks Like It’s Abandoned By The Owner

A kind woman found the dog tied up to a door and fed it some food even though she was scared of dogs.

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News of animal cruelty is sadly not something rare in our country. Once in a while, undoubtedly, there must be a viral video concerning innocent animals being abused by merciless humans.

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However, all hope is not lost because there are still a lot of good Malaysians who try their best to help random animals in danger.

This was the case for a woman in Puncak Alam, Selangor. Recently, a video of an abandoned dog went viral on TikTok after netizens saw it tied up to an uninhabited house.

The video, posted by @juliaritanordin, has garnered around 4.2M views and 468.4K likes on TikTok.

The dog, which appeared to be a breed of poodle, was tied with a metal leash to a door of the uninhabited house.

The TikTok owner noticed the abandoned poodle and gave it some food and milk (even though she was scared of dogs) to satiate its hunger.

She gave the poodle some fried chicken and milk. When the poodle saw her, it looked so excited, wagging its tail happily after someone finally noticed it being tied up there.

She then updated the netizens that the dog was rescued by a team of animal rescuers and is brought to the vet.

Netizens sympathized with the miniature poodle

Netizens were sad for the little puppy. They expressed gratitude for the kindness shown by @juliaritanordin, even though she was scared of dogs.

Some of them even wondered why and how it got tied up to the door.

@juliaritanordin kenapa la ikat die kt sini mcmni😥😭…xdipantau…xdibg makan…#fyp #animalrescue #animallover #dog #puppy #animalrights # #saveanimals #crueltyfree ♬ Sad song by piano and violin(886018) – NOVA

Why is it tied up in the first place?

Actually, it’s tied up for a reason and no, it’s not to let the poodle suffer and die alone of hunger and depression. It’s actually put there so the next owner can get it the next day without it running away.

Another TikToker, @ӄɨռɢ ƈɛօ 💎 also posted a video after the initial video went viral, explaining the real sad story of the poodle.

They suspected the poodle to be abandoned by its owner and wandered around the area for some time before a Chinese lady found it. On 7 September, the lady posted the picture of the poodle in a WhatsApp group, asking for help if anyone who was capable would wanna rescue this stray dog.

That’s when a lady named Shima replied and showed interest in rescuing the dog. She asked the lady to tie the dog to a particular place so that the dog would stay in one place and won’t run away the next morning (8 September).

As for the food, yes, she did expect the dog wouldn’t get food and that’s what she intended. This is because she wanted to avoid the dog from puking in the car the next day if it had eaten some bad food from the streets.

So the next day they came, rescued the poodle in Puncak Alam and brought it to a vet in Aman Suria (around 46 mins). Because it was quite a long journey, that’s probably why they feared that the poodle could puke in the car.

Anyhow, the poor little poodle is now safe in the hands of another caring guardian, said the TikTok account owner.

Everyone is thankful to both @juliaritanordin and the new owner for showing kindness and rescuing this poor poodle.

We hope the poodle will soon live healthily and happily with its new owner.

@tekktukk ini cerita sebenar anjing tersebut disebalik ….video yang ….fyp tu 😞 #seo #poodle #dog #animalrescue #truestory #crueltyfree #animalrights #animallover #saveanimals ♬ Sad song by piano and violin(886018) – NOVA

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