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First Domestically Produced Bitters From Japan Spice Up The Local Cocktail Scene

First Domestically Produced Bitters From Japan Spice Up The Local Cocktail Scene

The Japanese Bitters use ingredients that are authentic and definitive to Japan.

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Recently, there’s been a lot of interest in incorporating Japanese flavours in cocktails.

Japanese veteran bartender Yuki Yamazaki introduced the Japanese Bitters series to the local scene, opening up a new exciting range of flavours:

  • Yuzu, a green or yellow aromatic citrus fruit whose acidic rind and juice are often used in Japanese cuisine.
  • Shiso, the most popular culinary herb used in Japanese cuisine.
  • Umami, made from kelp, bonito flakes, and dried shiitake mushrooms, which contain the most Umami components.
  • Hinoki, a species of cypress native to Japan.
  • Sakura, a blend of cheery blossom flowers and leafs.

Using homemade ingredients such as yuzu syrup, shiso infusions, ume salt, matcha foam, kombucha or bonito flakes –  the bitters bring out the best of Japanese botanicals.

Yamazaki learned his cocktails skills from his days in England, Canada and notably Holland at the HermanJansen distillery.

He has been travelling worldwide to promote the series and was recently a guest shift at the Jann in Sheraton Four Points, Kuala Lumpur.

Leading foods and beverages supplier Luen Heng organised the event with the much sought-after Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin.

Yamazaki said Malaysian bartenders are primed for the Japanese Bitters – small-batch products produced at a facility in Tokyo’s Chiba prefecture.

Japanese veteran bartender Yuki Yamazaki working his magic. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Japanese bitters are a great way to capture those flavours in a small bottle. They are making a stride in a market dominated by orange and Western-style aromatic bitters,

Japanese veteran bartender Yuki Yamazaki on Japanese bitters being an essential part of bartenders’ Japan-inspired creation.

What are Japanese Bitters?

Japanese bitters are an alcoholic preparation flavoured with botanical matter from Japan that offers a bitter, sour, or bittersweet flavour.

Sakura is the fifth entry to the series, joining yuzu, shiso, umami, and hinoki. (Pix: Fernando Fong) 

Yamazaki added that Japanese bitters could be used with sake, whiskey, spirits and liquor to create unique flavours and notes, allowing you to create drinks and cocktails.

Japanese bitters open the door to a new genre of original drinks & cocktails. Create your unique signature cocktails and enhance your drinking experience with the bitters.

Japanese veteran bartender Yuki Yamazaki on
Japanese liquors Yuzekosho and Mizunara. (Pix: Facebook)

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