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[Watch] Customer Finds A Leech Swimming Happily In His Maggi Soup

[Watch] Customer Finds A Leech Swimming Happily In His Maggi Soup

Netizens say that these leeches commonly hide in the hollow stems of kangkung.

Melissa Suraya Ismail

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Bet you’ve never expected Maggi Sup to have a chewy aftertaste do you?

Recently, a customer shared a gruesome video on his TikTok account (@Meayrolir), showing what appears to be a leech swimming frantically to get out of his bowl of Maggi Soup.

The video went viral with 639.6K views and 5.1K likes at the time of writing.

@_ichii21 Magii sup pacat 😱 #pacat #maggipacat ♬ suara asli – INDOZONE

The guy was surprised to find a leech in there after finishing his Maggi meal.

You can literally see the fat leech moving its body up and down in the soup, especially after he picked it up with the fork. 🤢

However, the TikTok account owner did not reveal the location of the stall or restaurant, not wanting to blame anyone.

Some say that the leech came from Kangkung

A lot of people were too stunned to speak, watching that video.

Some also suggested that the leech came from Kangkung, probably put in the dish. We can surely be traumatised to eat Maggi Soup or Kangkung after this.

Netizens also expressed their fears of eating Maggi Sup, Mee Sup or even Kangkung altogether.

How is it still alive?

It is said that the leech could be hiding in the hollow tube stems of the Kangkung and is invisible to the eye before cooking.

That is why some people advise slicing open the Kangkung stems before cooking, just to check if there’s a small thin leech in there.

It’s a new menu, maybe?

Using this as an advantage, some netizens joked sarcastically about the situation.

“Don’t mind him. He’s just chilling in the hot tub”

“That’s so sweet of the seller, giving you some extra protein.”

“Maggi with leeches are supposedly beneficial to beauty, okay.”

What happens if we accidentally eat a leech?

It’s a good thing that he didn’t accidentally eat the leech. While they do have some benefits if used externally on skins but consuming them is a whole different story.

Although it’s not that common, there are some cases worldwide that record these kinds of accidental incidents.

Three boys from different countries accidentally ingested a leech that they caught while drinking spring/stream water and swimming in lakes. The leech didn’t go in their stomachs though, they hung tightly to the kids’ throats, causing them to have shortness of breath, bloody saliva with cough and a sore throat. Luckily, they all survived after the leeches were removed surgically.

(Credit: Natasha de Vere & Col Ford / Flickr)

One popular case reported a fatality but that was with a garden slug, not a leech. The patient died after 8 years of being a quadriplegic and he was also in a coma for 420 days, right after contracting meningitis – caused by rat lungworm. The patient accepted a dare from his friends at a party to eat a raw garden slug, crawling on the ground at a party when they were 19.

You can make a report

If you find the stall owner or restaurant to not follow certain hygiene and health codes (if you see rats or cockroaches scurrying around in the kitchen), you can make a report to the State Health Department (JKN).

The report can be made online through this link or it can also be made face-to-face with an officer at any District Health Office.

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