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[Watch] A3-Sized Signboard On SUKE Highway Angers Motorist Travelling At Night

[Watch] A3-Sized Signboard On SUKE Highway Angers Motorist Travelling At Night

The small signboard was placed at the intersection where the road separates into two.

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Phase 1 of the Sungai Besi-Ulu Kelang (SUKE) Elevated Highway opened to the public toll-free for a month since its launch.

It didn’t take long for a motorcyclist to discover an issue that could be a road safety hazard for many road users.

When he neared an intersection, he realized that the signboard was too small to read. In a video on Tiktok posted by @bob_yp, he showed how small the signboard was and it looked like it was the size of an A3 paper.

@bob_yp Punyala kecik signboard #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #bobyp #teambobyp #fastthrottle #rltracing #mrsbobyp #runner #fypシ ♬ original sound – Bob Yp

Upon a closer look, the signboard labelled two separate intersections leading to Ampang on the right and Hulu Langat on the left.

It’s bad enough that the signboard is so small. Luckily, I didn’t hit the road divider while focusing to read.

Tiktok user @bob_yp

The video garnered 83.7k likes and 800.2k views at the time of writing. The revelation of the tiny signboard on the new highway made lots of netizens laugh at the ridiculousness.

A netizen shared that he encountered the situation on the highway and advised everyone to be careful at the small exit at Kajang too.

Another netizen said motorists might need to use special binoculars on the road just to read the signs.

Others asked if the people who built the highway thought our eyes can zoom in 100 times and joked that there must be a QR code to scan to enlarge the signboard.

There were others who were sarcastic and asked how many billions of ringgit were used to make the small signboard.

By right, the signboard at intersections should be bigger in size and be placed way earlier before reaching the split roads.

In defence, some netizens jokingly made fun of the highway’s name to explain the ridiculous signboard size and placement.

Another netizen said there’s a yellow line on the road to signal motorists to slow down to read the sign. The netizen said the lights from street lamps make it easier to read the signboard too.

@bob_yp showed that stopping by the road made no difference in reading ability and it might be even more dangerous.

@bob_yp Replying to @RiderKetamOren ada masa boleh try lalu, jangan salah jalan sudah. #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #bobyp #teambobyp #fastthrottle #mrsbobyp #rltracing ♬ bunyi asal – Adekkk.bongsu

Prior issues related to the SUKE Highway

Phase 1 of the SUKE Elevated Highway opened to the public not too long ago and it already has reported several potential problems.

On top of the free one-month toll, the elevated highway drew excited road users to stop by the roadside to take pictures of the panoramic city skyline.

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The first accident on the newly opened SUKE Highway. Image: TRP File

This proved to be a road hazard two days ago when a Perodua Myvi stopped in the emergency lane and caused a motorist to crash right into the vehicle.

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Previously, the highway construction was met with a few casualties when a huge chunk of the concrete and the construction crane on it fell on the motorists below.

In another incident, a concrete slab fell onto a car on the road.

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