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Road User Shows Thank You Card To Fellow Driver Who Gives Way To Switch Lane

Road User Shows Thank You Card To Fellow Driver Who Gives Way To Switch Lane

The road user expressed thanks by showing an A4-sized card with the word ‘TQ’ printed on it.

Fernando Fong

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Driving a car requires your full attention and being polite and kind.

Good road etiquette will help you to arrive at your destination calm and unflustered, even if other drivers are disorganised, clueless and rude.

What are some ways to thank another driver on the road?

A Sabahan Facebook page 沙巴人情味 recently posted a photo of a road user showing a ‘thank you’ card to another driver who gave way.

The grateful road user had wanted to switch to the right lane from the left lane.

In expressing thanks, the road user opened the window to show a card with the letters “TQ” printed on it.

Rudeness And Selfishness On The Road

Some said they could not remember the last time someone gave a quick “thanks” wave for making space for them to change lanes.

Netizens applauded the gesture, saying that many drivers have stopped being courteous.

Others believe that many people are so stressed out and busy that they fail to remember simple courtesies.

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At the same time, some said holding out a card like that can be dangerous and distracting, especially when merging into a lane on the highway.

At the time of writing, the post was shared more than 950 times with over 400 comments.

Easy Ways To Say Thank You

What other ways to gesture ‘thank you’ to other drivers?

The simple wave of the hand works 95% of the time, as both drivers are generally within sight of one another to express it.

You can acknowledge someone’s wave by lifting a finger on the steering wheel if they’re in front of you.

Flashing the lights can sometimes be appropriate, especially if you want to thank lorries and truckers.

Small vehicles are not recommended because flashing lights in the eyes are annoying.

But heavy vehicles usually have mirrors so high up that it won’t be a problem for them, and it’s easier for them to see.

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