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The Efforts Behind Pouring The Perfect Pint Of Guinness

The Efforts Behind Pouring The Perfect Pint Of Guinness

The key to the best-tasting glasses of Guinness is to master the six steps of the Guinness Perfect Pour.

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Ever wondered why it takes the barman twice as long to come back with a pint of Guinness than, say, a regular draft beer?

That’s because it matters how you pour a Guinness, and part of the reason is the nitrogen – the gas used to carbonate it.

It gives the stout, iconic silky texture in your mouth and distinctive creamy head – resting above the dark beer that gets its colour from barley roasted at 232 degrees.

Pouring and serving a proper Guinness requires training and patience for the drink itself.

With this in mind, Heineken Malaysia Berhad’s Star Academy is again searching for the best Guinness bartender through its annual Guinness Perfect Pour programme.

The Guinness Perfect Pour 2022 programme is to train and challenge bar staff to be the best Guinness bartender. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Care And The Desire For Perfection

The programme seeks to train bartenders nationwide to uphold the standards of serving Guinness while rewarding the champion for delivering quality glasses of Guinness.

Participants will experience an immersive understanding of Guinness’s origin, ingredients, and serving rituals.

Bar staff in Malaysia are invited to join training sessions across six states from August to October, with participants standing a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to the home of Guinness in Dublin, Ireland.

We are passionate about our customers and consumers, and we strive to give them the best experience in enjoying Guinness. Our commitment to serving high-quality beers extends beyond perfecting the brewing process.

Vasily Baranov, Sales Director of Heineken Malaysia, on empowering trade partners by training bartenders in mastering the perfect pour to serve beer at the highest quality.
Participants in Guinness Perfect Pour 2022 programme learn the makings of Guinness. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

He pointed out that the six steps in the Guinness Perfect Pour technique bring out the perfect flavour, aroma, and presentation, ensuring that every Guinness fan gets to cheer for a perfect serve every time.

The Perfect Pour

Hence, partner restaurants, pubs and bars are encouraged to join this year’s Star Academy Guinness Perfect Pour and serve world-class Guinness across the country.

Participants learn to pour their pint of the world’s most famous stout, beautiful to look at and ready to drink.

The harp device has been synonymous with Guinness since 1862, when it was used as a symbol on the first bottle label for the stout. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

From cleaning the glass and polishing the fountain to carefully watching the colours of foam and beer – they learn all the tricks to serve a perfect Guinness.

Participants also learn other relevant aspects, such as regular cleaning and maintenance of the tap spout, ensuring customers experience quality beer with every pour.

 Bar staff in Malaysia will benefit significantly from the training sessions. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Heineken Malaysia will select and invite the top seven scorers from the training sessions to attend the award ceremony in October 2022, where the Guinness Perfect Pour 2022 champion will be crowned.

During the ceremony, the first and second place winners will walk away with an all-expenses paid trip to Dublin, Ireland, where Irish brewer Arthur Guinness started brewing the world-known stout over 250 years ago.

All participants will also receive a Guinness Perfect Pour 2022 recognition plaque trophy and official certificate upon completion of the training.

Guinness has been brewed in Malaysia since 1965. 

What Is The Perfect Pint of Guinness?

Pour the Guinness Draught into a glass tilted at 45 degrees, and as the glass fills, straighten it upright until it is three-quarters full.

Let it settle for precisely 119.5 seconds (to the millisecond) before topping up the pint – just enough to cause the carrier to use a steady hand!

The six steps to a perfect Guinness. (Pix: The Guinness Academy)

With its creamy white head on top that sits slightly over the rim of the glass, your perfect pint is ready to drink.

Some said it is a unique beer that can be temperamental because you can go into many pubs, and each pub will have a different Guinness.

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