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[Watch] RM1 Nasi Lemak In Sungai Buloh Draws Long Queues, Sold Out Everyday

[Watch] RM1 Nasi Lemak In Sungai Buloh Draws Long Queues, Sold Out Everyday

Some customers asked the seller to increase the price but he refused to burden them especially the students.

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Times are tough and will get tougher with increases in prices of essential items, affecting all consumers regardless of income level.

Many traders raise their selling prices based on the price of raw materials and other cost factors.

But a trader known as Bangsudu is bucking the trend by selling nasi lemak at RM1.

@khairulaming Lupa nak mintak sudu tapi selamat bangsudu kasi sudu lebih tadi 🤣 #MakanLokal #NasiLemak @TAUKE NASI LEMAK RM1 ♬ New Home – Austin Farwell

Many asked to increase the price, but the trader refused.

He still wants to sell RM1 nasi lemak for several reasons, mainly for the sake of his customers so they would not be burdened financially.

He also felt sorry for the students who always came to buy with him. 

Many people told me to raise the price. Because I don’t want to raise the price because I want to make things easier for people. I feel sorry for the younger siblings who go to school.

Bangsudu explaining why he refused to sell his nasi lemak at a higher price.

At the same time, Bangsudu said he must redouble his best effort since his customers are willing to put 100% energy into standing in a long queue.

The challenge is to make sure the stock of nasi lemak is enough for everyone, as it’s a bit disappointing when someone has queued for a long time but can’t buy. 

It is estimated that 600 packs of nasi lemak are sold every day and can finish in just 30 minutes.

@bangsudu Reply to @neshram5 saya takut mahal .. #fyp #foryou #suduada #abgtaram #myfoodie ♬ original sound – TAUKE NASI LEMAK RM1

Public Praise

Despite selling for RM1, customers praised his nasi lemak as tasty with flavourful sambal.

People complimented him for being hardworking and noted that he was open about his struggles as he interacted with customers.

He sells nasi lemak, which his parents cook, at Desa Coalfields in Sungai Buloh daily.

They pointed out he was selling for at an even cheaper price previously.

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Nevertheless, some customers simply could not believe that it was possible to make a profit by selling at RM1.

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