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Malaysians Are Not Online Shopping During Work Hours Anymore

Malaysians Are Not Online Shopping During Work Hours Anymore

Instead, shopping hours have shifted later into the day after work from 8pm-12am.

Anne Dorall

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Just a few years ago, Malaysians would be happily browsing e-commerce apps and shopping throughout the day, but particularly at work.

However, recent reports show that Malaysians are no longer online shopping during the day: instead, they are checking-out their purchases after work.

Good news for employers

Previously, iPrice reported that in 2016/2017, most people were online shopping during the work day, at 11am-4pm. The peak time to make purchases was on Wednesday, usually at 12 noon.

Buy, buy, buy! On your lunch break.
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However, in their 2021/2022 report, they noticed that activity on these e-commerce sites were no longer as active in the day. Nowadays, Malaysians are making their purchases in the evenings after work, especially during the 8pm-12am window, with peak activity on Sunday.

iPrice hypothesised that because online shopping shifted to mobile devices, consumers were no longer limited to the times when they had a computer in front of them at work. Instead, it is now all too easy to browse and make purchases during leisure time too, even during work commutes or right before bed.

Big money on big devices, small money on small devices

Interestingly, iPrice’s report also showed a clear difference in spending behaviour when it comes to purchasing items on mobile and on desktop.

Everyone has made the jump to buy, buy, buy on their phones now.
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Online purchases made on desktops tended to be fewer in volume, but were often higher-ticket items. By comparison, online purchases made on mobile were high in volume, but mostly cheap and inexpensive goods.

This is likley because higher-ticket items require more research and comparisons, which is easier to do on a desktop.

Some people shop on phone and desktop at the same time.
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Regardless of what kind of shopper you are, one thing is for sure: employers will be pretty glad to hear that their employees aren’t being paid to shop online!

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