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[Watch] Child Gets ‘Scolded’ For Skipping School After Bumping Into Her Teachers At The Mall

[Watch] Child Gets ‘Scolded’ For Skipping School After Bumping Into Her Teachers At The Mall

The student had just finished a movie with her family when she bumped into her teachers.

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Undeniably, students skip school every day without being formally excused for one reason or another. 

When ‘caught’, students usually start to feel anxious, waiting for the punishment that will be imposed. 

If we listen to students when they tell us why they’re truant, a different picture is painted.

Such is the case of a little girl who skipped school and bumped into her teachers while walking around a mall.

Through TikTok user hiyahmxd’s sharing, the child is said to have had health problems and was absent from school for two days. 

She and her family had just finished watching a movie when they bumped into her teachers.

It is understood that the incident happened when all the teachers were having dinner in the mall after school.

@hiyahmxd Reaction bila tak pergi sekolah 🤣 tapi terjumpa teacher & principal dkt aeon 🤪 cuak member 🤪 Her face 🤦🏻‍♀️ #fyp #hiyahamid ♬ original sound – Carla Giojammies

Based on the clip, the teacher quickly went toward the student and ‘scolded’ the child’s actions. 

Even funnier, the kid started to remain silent and gave the excuse of coughing for her absenteeism.

At the end of the video, they are seen hugging each other, and the teacher explains that the remark was just a joke.

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