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Coffin-sized Room For Rent In Cheras Left Many Stunned

Coffin-sized Room For Rent In Cheras Left Many Stunned

A Twitter user recently shared an ad for a single non-sharing room, strategically located nearby public amenities for just RM300, but the size of the room will leave you speechless.

Ikhwan Zulkaflee

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Location, location, location…this was always the referred to thumb rule in the property sector. The property’s location indeed plays a huge part in determining one’s return of investment, be it profits from the sub-sale market or through rental yield.

And in nowadays market, RM300 for a non-sharing single bedroom is unheard of especially if the property is located a stone-throw away from the centre of Kuala Lumpur.

However, the person who posted the ad perhaps pushed it a bit far, considering that the room – well technically it is a room as it is accessible through a door –  that he wants to rent out is so small that people are comparing it to the grave, though it is a bit lengthier than a normal size grave.

A picture of the room was shared by Twitter user @flwrsxB with the caption “Good morning (to all) except to homeowners in KL that rents out rooms like this”.

It was not immediately clear where the ad was posted but the Twitter user did share a few details of the ad, explaining that the property located in Maluri in Cheras, is close to the public transportation, and complete with a breath-taking view of the KLCC Petronas Twin Tower (not from the room obviously) .

And to be fair, the room does come with a mattress and wall fan, so that is kind of a nice gesture by the owner to provide the basic furnishing for their new tenant.

The woman’s tweet had since been re-shared over 14,000 by Twitter users, while also making rounds in other social media platforms alike.

Reacting to the post, most people find that it is absurd that anybody could think of letting out a space that small.

Others however said that this is the sad reality these days as it is common for homeowners to rent out small rooms or spaces of their property in urban areas.

Judging from what has been shared by the netizens, the grave-sized like room definitely got a lot of competition in the market.

While the location may be attractive to those working in the city, who would pay RM300 to sleep in a coffin-like room? But surely, there will be people entertaining the idea if the price were to go down.

Plus, not many people can tell their dates that their home comes with a view of the KLCC Twin Tower.

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