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Why So Few A’s? Mother Dissatisfied With Child’s SPM Result Despite Getting 12As

Why So Few A’s? Mother Dissatisfied With Child’s SPM Result Despite Getting 12As

The student envied others who received praise from their parents.

Fernando Fong

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Recently, many students who took the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) breathed a sigh of relief after knowing their results, in addition to the satisfactory results obtained.

However, a Twitter sharing by TV3’s personality, Fedtri Yahya, on the subject has attracted the attention of many.

The Twitter post reveals the attitude of a mother who is not proud of the results obtained by her son.

Despite getting a very good result, it was not celebrated at all by the mother, who even disputed the amount of ‘A’ obtained.

The student clearly felt upset with what the mother did.

He was envious to see the mothers of other students for showing a ‘supportive’ behaviour towards their children.

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At the same time, the student also took the opportunity to leave a message for parents out there.

He reminded them to always feel proud and appreciative of their children’s achievements.

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His sharing gained the empathy of netizens, who urged him not to give up in pursuing his goals in life.

Others said they can relate to his experience of seldom receiving words of encouragement from parents.

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