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Son Spends RM3K To Modify Car ‘Seat’ for Disabled Father

Son Spends RM3K To Modify Car ‘Seat’ for Disabled Father

Netizens praised the son for going the extra mile in taking care of his parents.

Fernando Fong

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What should a person do for his parents in their old age?

Regardless of their physical and mental status, most seniors prefer to remain in their homes. 

However, ageing parents may need the care to keep them safe and manage their activities of daily living.

Recently a video on TikTok posted by a user known as Mohd Irwan Shah showing his father riding in a modified car seat has caught the public’s attention.

The video showed that the car seat had been modified to make it easier for his father to get into the car.

@mohdirwanshah46 ade mase kite bawak abah jalan2 #seatoku #myvipasso #fypシ ♬ Do’aku – Haddad Alwi

Gendered Expectations Of Filial Piety

Netizens praised the results of the modifications made by the son because it has made the father’s affairs easier and made the old man happy.

Morally, many adult children feel obligated to care for their parents as they age but in this case, the children had certainly gone the extra mile. 

Netizens pointed out that as people get older, so do their parents and other loved ones.

In the past, people had argued that nobody cares for the parents and siblings as much as a daughter does.

They said no matter where they are and who they are with, daughters always have a sense of care and responsibility for their family members.

Difficult as it is to consider, they would one day need the help of their children.

Elderly parents have lived a full life, worked, earned respect and fulfilled their responsibilities.

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