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[Watch] Dad Makes A Surprise Visit To See His Daughter At Work, Netizens Moved By Heartwarming Video

[Watch] Dad Makes A Surprise Visit To See His Daughter At Work, Netizens Moved By Heartwarming Video

She can’t contain her excitement when her dad drove through her workplace.

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Have you ever gotten one of those cheesy dad jokes that your dad gives? You know, they’re not that funny but you laugh anyway because it’s your dad. Dads huh?

Fathers just love to joke and tease around with their children once in a while and we love them for it.

Recently, one TikTok user, @zulkiflemohdrosli who also happens to be a sporting dad took a video of him surprising his daughter at her F&B workplace.

The video went viral on social media garnering around 2.5M views and 222K likes as of today.

In the video, the dad went to a McD drive-thru anticipating his daughter. He surprised her at the pick-up window of the drive-thru when she was supposed to hand him the food.

You can clearly see the joy in her voice when she realises that it was her dad as her customer and said “Ayahhhh!“. Both of them burst into laughter as she playfully hit her dad for the surprise tease.

He then asked her if she was doing good at her job and she nodded yes excitedly. She even sprang up and down a bit as she couldn’t contain the excitement of seeing her dad visiting her.

It’s just a simple 14-second video but it’s the joy and happiness of the daughter that’ll leave us feeling ‘awhhhh‘. Even the netizens agree that this is such a feel-good video.

One user, @mirasham89 even brought this on Twitter and netizens there were also swooning over this sweet father and daughter relationship. One even expressed that this is actually how some fathers express their love instead of verbally saying ‘i love you’.

Of course, some even joked about the situation in reality for the people around these two.

Watch the full video here.

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