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Here Are The Best Tips For Visiting Ramadan Bazaars Efficiently

Here Are The Best Tips For Visiting Ramadan Bazaars Efficiently

Navigating through a Ramadan Bazaar for first timers can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

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When it’s Ramadan, Ramadan bazaars are ubiquitous in Malaysia. Some of us Malaysians have been to them countless times. Some haven’t gone there in a while because of the pandemic. And some of us have never been to one.

Whether you’re a veteran or a first-timer, here are some pro tips to get the most out of your trip to the bazaars.

Check them out below:

1. Go Early If You Want Specific Foods

Yes, there are A LOT of stalls and A LOT of food. But there are also a lot of people. So the food will potentially be sold out if you’re late. Ramadan bazaars usually operate from approximately 4 pm to 7.30 pm. So when should you go?

Some of the dishes might be sold out if you’re late to the party.

4 pm might be a bit early as some stalls might not be ready yet. But it all depends too. 5 pm is very ideal for you to arrive at the spot. 6 pm is still okay but at 7 pm, it’s all down to luck at that time.

Stalls that sell heavy food like rice and lauk pauk might be sold out already. All that’s left to buy are probably the sweets like kuih muih, drinks, and some fried snacks. But the bestsellers are surely sold out by then.

2. Go Late If You Want Good Deals And Discounts

We know this one is a contradiction but if you wanna know, the best promotions come late. This is a great strategy for those looking for a good deal and staying within budget.

From RM3 for one drink, you can get RM5 for two drinks. Or better yet, they’ll give you a buy 2 free 1 deal or even buy 2 free 2 one! The same goes for the kuih muihs too. From RM2 or RM3 a pack, the price can drop to RM1 just for a pack. You can actually get a lot of free stuff at these kinda stalls.

Drinks and Kuih Muihs are usually the ones with the discounts.
(Credit: @AmniBetty_, @hzlqh / Twitter)

These are particularly true when it’s 7.00 pm and after when it’s about 15 – 20 minutes to iftar. At that time, the sellers would only want to clear out their stocks and go home. At that time, you’ll be lucky!

However, this is only true for certain types of food and drinks. Don’t expect to get an Ayam Percik or Roti John at a very low price even if you’re late. The best selling ones are sold out. We warned you!

3. Know Where Your Bazaar Is

This is kinda important for first-timers without the presence of a bazaar Ramadan specialist (someone’s who’s been there more than twice). You need to know the type of venue for your bazaar Ramadan space.

Is it on the sides of a big and spacious street? Or is it at a specific pasar malam base like the stadium or parking lot space?

Venue with a spacious street (left) or at shop lots (right)?
(Credit: @EllyMdesa, @EleenKasim / Twitter)

If it’s the first one, then park a bit further from the actual site. This is because if there’s no available parking near the starting point of the bazaar, you would have to go through the whole street, fighting for a way to go across the crowded people. Then, you’ll be stuck in a jam for sure laa.

If it’s the latter, then park nicely in the space they have provided. Do not double park unless someone (who CAN drive) is in the car. People won’t spend hours at the bazaar, so think twice before you double park. You don’t wanna let your car be shamefully honked for a long period of time, do you?

4. Have A Good Budget

Next, a common problem for Ramadan Bazaar goers is unnecessary splurging. Because there’s a plethora of food and drinks, you’re bound to crave each and every one, right?

Pro tip: Don’t Splurge. You won’t even finish them all.

Buy only what you need that day. Hey, the bazaar isn’t going anywhere tomorrow, so don’t worry, buy whatever more food you crave tomorrow or the day after. It’s even scientifically proven that people spend more money when they’re hungry. So be cautious!

You’ll splurge on these kinds of food especially.

If you’re buying for yourself only, you can get a heavy meal, a drink and maybe one or two snacks. But if you’re buying for your whole family, you will be spending a lot. Just make sure that all the foods are necessary ones. You don’t need three different flavours of cake or three different flavours of drinks.

Additionally, you should also watch over your budget, because things are actually more expensive now. Put that into your equation.

5. Bring Enough Money

Okay if you wanna buy some stuff here, make sure you have enough cash ready in your pocket. Don’t hold up the line finding the last RM1 or 50 cents in your handbag filled with different treasures.

Alternatively, you can also get your eWallet ready. You should have ample balance on your eWallet accounts or other cashless payment options that are available at the stalls. Ramadan Bazaars nowadays are going cashless, you know. So prep yourselves before holding up the line.

6. Walk Twice For Optimum Coverage

This is a little tip for the most efficient way to hit up a Ramadan bazaar.

You should walk through the streets twice. Once for viewing what’s available, and another one more for truly deciding what to eat and ONLY buy that.

The first glance would feast your eyes on these foods and drinks. Ayam Percik, Murtabak, Roti John, Tepung Pelita, Kebab, Fried Mee or Kuey Teow, Fried Chicken, Bandung Soda, Watermelon Lychee, Mango, Kathira and Soya. And there’s even more food you’ll find if you walk to the end of the bazaar.

However, you should decide which ones and how much you really want to buy at the end of the road. Then, go back to the specific stall to buy them instead of hovering at one stall deciding “I’m not that keen on this but the line is long, I need to try this”. You can try earlier tomorrow.

7. Be Eco-Friendly

When you go to any pasar malam or bazaar Ramadan, you’ll for sure come out with a dozen of plastic bags. Then after eating, you just throw those away like that? That’s just a waste of good plastics.

Instead, try bringing your own grocery bag filled with your used plastics or even Tupperwares and containers to tapau the food away. It’s actually more convenient to carry and it saves the earth!

(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

You can tapau your Nasi Ayam, Takoyaki, or Yong Tau Foo in separate plastic containers, Tupperwares, tiffin carriers or more.

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There, a few tips and tricks up our sleeves for those who wanna try and explore Ramadhan Bazaars near you. You can get plenty of food choices at big bazaars like at the stadiums and at common pasar malam spots.

Just remember to mind the SOPs. Wear your face mask properly, scan any MySejahteras and remember to mind your distance between others!

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