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Teacher Buys Student A Full Set Of Exercise Books When She Didn’t Have Any Of Her Own

Teacher Buys Student A Full Set Of Exercise Books When She Didn’t Have Any Of Her Own

Cikgu Asraf noticed that his student didn’t have any exercise books and found out that the family is struggling financially.

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After months of online classes, students are finally able to start their 2022/ 2023 academic year and meet their classmates in person.

Parents will be scrambling to get the new school supplies such as books and school uniforms for their children.

However, not every family is fortunate to be able to get their children fully equipped for school.

A school teacher Asraf Selajudin or Cikgu Asraf shared his experience in school on Facebook.

During the morning class, he realised that one of his students did not have any school exercise books at all.

He then tried to find out what was her father’s occupation and discovered that her father had already passed away. As such, the student now lives with her mother.

The student’s mother gains income by selling vegetables and Asraf immediately understood the family’s economic situation.

He realized that the student’s mother might not be able to afford to get her any school books at the moment.

He decided to help

Asraf decided that he could help and hurried to the school cooperative mart to get a full set of exercise books for his student.

He bought a complete set of books so that the student’s mother did not need to worry about it anymore.

When the school session was over, he handed the set of books to the student. She beamed and thanked Cikgu Asraf for the books.

He hoped that she would achieve great success in her life. Asraf also reminded everyone not to judge a student badly just because they didn’t bring their books to school.

He added that people should dig deeper to find out what’s the cause and try to help students in any way they could.

Cikgu Asraf’s kind actions and thoughts received praises from netizens who also thanked him for helping the student. They wished him all the best too.

It was thoughtful of him to talk to the student to find out what was going on because a lot of people are struggling financially right now.

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