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Chonky Doggo Fed Nasi Lemak Everyday By Kind Mak Cik In Cyberjaya

Chonky Doggo Fed Nasi Lemak Everyday By Kind Mak Cik In Cyberjaya

Ms Chonky may be a stray, but she is well-fed and already spayed.

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If you worry over stray animals not having enough to eat while moseying around on the streets, you’re not alone.

Cik Putri, who runs a nasi lemak stall in Cyberjaya, feels the same. So when a hungry stray dog came up to her stall begging for food, of course she would provide some for the dog.

Now, the yellow stray dog is already a loyal “customer” at Mak Cik’s nasi lemak stall in front of the Q Cells factory, heading over there every day for a free meal of nasi lemak.

The dog is also fondly named Ms Chonky by the people at the volunteer-run pet adoption service My Forever Doggo, who shared the story of Putri and the thicc girl.

According to Putri, the stray dogs around the area are all well-behaved, spayed and neutered, and are often fed by the locals.

Instead, they spend their time chilling near humans hoping for some extra portions of food.

Plenty of netizens find Ms Chonky absolutely adorable, but cautioned that getting too fat would be bad for her health.

Regardless, it’s better to have too much to eat than too little!

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