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Angkasawan’s 10 Tips To Convince “Reluctant” Partners To Have More Kids Sparks Debate

Angkasawan’s 10 Tips To Convince “Reluctant” Partners To Have More Kids Sparks Debate

Sheikh Muszaphar and his wife Halina has 6 kids altogether.

Akmal Hakim

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A recent Facebook post made by national astronaut Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor who shared his personal tips for husbands who want to convince their “reluctant” wives to have more children launched a debate online.

Sheikh Muszaphar and his wife, Dr Halina Mohd Yunos, has six kids altogether. In his writing, he noted that he’d always loved and wanted a big family, but needed to convince his wife about it first.

“After all it’s her body… If I could I would… Above are some tips to daddies who want to convince their reluctant wife on having more kids,” wrote the space-man along with a portrait of his nuclear family.

He shared 10 family planning tips on how he persuaded his partner into having more kids, which include the following:

  1. I will take care of everything while you (the wife) just rest.
  2. You (the wife) look beautiful as ever even with six kids.
  3. Don’t you (the wife) want to see more beautiful kids?
  4. They will take care of us when we grow old.
  5. We won’t be lonely nanti (later on in life).
  6. The chaos keeps you (the wife) young.
  7. It’s Sunnah (part of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W teachings) to ramaikan (add on to the) Ummah (the Muslim community).
  8. Let’s go shopping and buy whatever you (the wife) desire.
  9. The more the merrier.
  10. We grow old together till Jannah (thereafter or heaven). (I) Will love you till eternity no matter what your decision.

Although Sheikh Muszaphar’s advice did gain a lot of support from people who agreed with what he had to say and wished him well for it…

(Credit: Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor via Facebook)

… there were an entire group of people who somehow found the tips displeasing and took offence on the issue.

Some took to claim that the angkasawan’s suggestions were “red flags” and may be detrimental to both women and children.

Netizens also alleged that the points raised by Sheikh Muszaphar were means of gaslighting or coercing women into having more kids.

However, there were also those who mentioned that it’s not really anyone’s place to say anything concerning Sheikh Muszaphar’s and his wife’s choice in the matter.

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