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“It’s Disgusting!” Netizens Find Local Drama ‘Perempuan Itu’ Too Steamy For Ramadan Month

“It’s Disgusting!” Netizens Find Local Drama ‘Perempuan Itu’ Too Steamy For Ramadan Month

Actor Zul Ariffin uploaded teaser clips to promote the film but faced a backlash from conservative netizens.

Adeline Leong

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Malaysian actor Zul Ariffin got into trouble when he shared a few clips from his upcoming movie titled Perempuan Itu, directed by Erma Fatima.

The clips showed Zul Ariffin and the actress Siti Hariesa portraying their characters in steamy and suggestive positions.

In one of the scenes, Siti Hariesa’s character fed Zul Ariffin’s character whipped cream using her finger.

The drama film ‘Perempuan Itu’ is allegedly slated to be released during the month of Ramadan, to netizens’ disgust. They didn’t like seeing the advertisements for the film either.

Due to the backlash, the actor has since removed the video from his Instagram account. Nevertheless, netizens who disagreed with the film content were still shocked and outraged.

Netizens believe the film is unsuitable for the Malaysian crowd, especially among Muslims, during Ramadan.

For many of them, the film promoted soft porn and they questioned why TV3 greenlit the film. They wondered how the company censored some words but the suggestive scenes in the film were allowed.

Despite the negative reception, some netizens recommended others to keep an open mind because it portrayed real-life.

A netizen said that if Malaysia is ready for this kind of show, the people might be prepared for sex education in schools.

Since the majority are negative reviews, it looks like sex education in schools will still be put on the backburner.

There’s still a long way to go for many Malaysians to have mature and healthy conversations about sex.

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