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Mother Explains Misunderstanding After Malaysians Thought Her Family Disobeyed Quarantine SOP

Mother Explains Misunderstanding After Malaysians Thought Her Family Disobeyed Quarantine SOP

The mother apologized for causing a panic.

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A woman came out to explain the misunderstanding triggered by a Twitter post she made about her family’s activities during their Covid home quarantine.

With coronavirus cases on the rise, it’s easy to understand why Malaysians are being extremely cautious of new normal rules and of anyone that disobey em’

This was true for some who spotted a picture shared by Aleena on social media which showed her child being outside during her family’s Covid-19 quarantine period.

Aleena apparently had to take down her posting after people suspected her family of breaching SOP by being outside.

(Credit: FarouqHaikal via Twitter)

The mother went on to confirm that her family was in fact under quarantine and apologised to netizens if she had caused a panic.

We are under quarantine now and will continue to quarantine until the 10th day. I apologize once again.

aleenashafinaz via Twitter

She explained that the family was only taking in some fresh outside air near their home when no one else was around.

We were only breathing some fresh air in our yard at 12 o’clock noon when people are usually indoors and our surroundings were pretty quiet. Usually, only cars would pass by. But I apologize once again. I should’ve been more sensitive with the issue.

aleenashafinaz via Twitter

Haih… So it seems like in the new normal, we might need to be extra careful when sharing anecdotes of our lives online to avoid misconceptions. Thanks a lot, Covid! 😐

But, on a positive note, it’s good to know that people are vigilant of SOPs and the dangers of Covid-19.

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