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This TikToker Makes Coffee And Milo Flavoured Fried Rice And We’re Just Not Into It

This TikToker Makes Coffee And Milo Flavoured Fried Rice And We’re Just Not Into It

Perhaps it’s best to stick with regular fried rice with a coffee drink on the side instead of mixing it together.

Melissa Suraya Ismail

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A fusion of flavours for a dish is acceptable. For a drink even, different flavours mashed together can sometimes make an incredible taste. But for the taste of a meal and a drink combined together? Let them just meet each other in our stomachs, not mouths, please.

Recently, a Singaporean TikToker, @ewjeans, made a video of him making fried rice, with quite a peculiar flavour. It’s coffee. Your day to day caffeine dose, in a powdered form. The video went viral with 460K views and 32K likes currently.


here’s one for all the coffee lovers!

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In his video, he was seen showing the ingredients of his cooking which were sliced onions, diced garlic, a bowl of rice and most importantly, coffee powder (he used the Nescafe Gold one).

Seemingly skilled in the art of the wok, he started off with a classic fried rice recipe, sauteeing onion and garlic in hot oil. After that, he put in rice and beaten eggs.

(Credit: @uwjeans)

He then continues to pour a bit of the brown coffee powder into the already perfect fried rice mix. With a few mixes here and there, the coffee fried rice is ready to be served. Surprisingly, it kinda looks amazing and mouth-watering, to be honest.

Finally, it was time for the final step, the taste test. He plated in nicely and gave his mouth a big spoonful of the dish. Unfortunately, there’s no facial reaction that we’re all waiting for. He just left us hanging with the question: Is it good or not? We guess he left that for our imagination.

(Credit: @uwjeans)

He did mention in his caption that this could be a good idea to cook for your Valentine’s date. Sarcastic or honest? We’ll never know.

Netizens were appalled by his ‘despicable’ abuse of coffee and fried rice. Some even replied to his caption saying this could be a good point for a breakup during Valentines.

Other comments were people being speechless and wondering if he’s in his right mind.

But That’s Not All, He Did It Before With Another Bizzare Flavour – Milo

That was not his first time, ladies and gentleman. This guy is actually creative and decided to try the combination of our favourite chocolate malt drink, Milo with fried rice.

(Credit: @uwjeans)

It actually looked like your regular soy sauce fried rice. Do you think it would taste creamy or oily?

That’s not all, he even did it with Maggi when one of his followers asked him to. It’s called Milo Maggi and by the looks of it, he recommends it. Do you dare to try?

(Credit: @uwjeans)

We gotta hand it to you, it takes guts, creativity and a bit of madness to come out with this eccentric dish.

However, as grateful as we are for the unique perspective, we think we’ll just stick to superior Malaysian food thank you very much.

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