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“We Pay You For What?” Toxic Boss Berates And Insults Employee On Wedding Leave

“We Pay You For What?” Toxic Boss Berates And Insults Employee On Wedding Leave

A CEO of an unnamed company sent angry messages to an employee and demanded an immediate response.

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Millennials often get the brunt of criticism for being too entitled and spoilt.

However, no one ever considered why the generation has decided to stand their ground against the toxic behaviours glorified by the older generation.

Recently, a Facebook page shared screenshots showing a conversation between a CEO of a company and an employee who was on wedding leave.

The CEO named Ryan asked the employee why the results for the week was so bad and demanded the employee to reply immediately.

“You thought on leave no need to care for your job is it?” the CEO wrote.

The employee was nice enough to reply that they’ll push for better results the next time, but that didn’t satisfy the boss.

The boss further berated the employee and asked for more solutions while hurling insults.

“Else we pay you for what? I know you’re busy with your wedding right now. But please respect your job!” the CEO added.

Sadly, it’s the life of many Malaysians here, too, as evidenced by the number of personal anecdotes in the comments section.

A netizen said bosses shouldn’t be surprised if there’s a high staff turnover with that kind of attitude.

The whole exchange seems like an excellent example of modern-day slavery.

Another person tried to rationalise the abusive behaviour and said maybe the employee was an underperforming staff.

Even if it’s true, nothing can justify behaviours like these, especially from adults in the workforce.

Why do we need annual leave?

Annual leave is essential because it allows employees to take paid time off from work to rest and re-energise.

Employees who get to take time off to rest come back focused and much more productive too. It’s a win-win situation for both the employee and the company.

According to Employment Law Solutions, annual leave is vital to promote good physical and mental health in the workplace and improve work-life balance.

Research also supported that the benefits of employees resting on leave days far outweigh overworking without time off.

According to the American Sociological Association, a study highlighted that failure to take time off from work can add added stress, and affect physical and mental health in a bad way.

A long-term health study such as The Framingham Heart Study reported that over a 20-year period, women who went on vacation regularly were less prone to getting heart attacks than women who took less leave.

In a 9-year study of 12,000 men, men who took regular leave breaks suffered fewer heart attacks than the men who took less leave too.

There’s also a misconception that working long hours equal productivity, which is not true and has been debunked many times.

Evidence shows you become less productive without proper breaks. Even if people work longer hours, they’re not as creative and can’t maintain the same intensity level.

Penna, Managing Director of HR Group

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