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Horseback Riders At Cyberjaya McD Drive-Thru Draw Criticism

Horseback Riders At Cyberjaya McD Drive-Thru Draw Criticism

Criticism came from commenters who say the activity was unsafe, disobeyed SOP and was unhygienic.

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“Quit horsing around,” said netizens when viral images showing a group of horseback riders getting food at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Cyberjaya galloped into this week’s online gossip gallery.

Pictures believed to have been originally shared by the 3S Equestrian Cyberjaya horse riding centre on Facebook drew amazement as well as criticism from Malaysians who saw several faults in the mighty steeds being there.

First of all, netizens were seen voicing their concern over the fact that the riders (five of them by our count) were not wearing their face masks in the presence of other people.

Next people were also a bit uneasy with having large animals walking around in public – being both worried about the animals’ safety and the people around them.

“It makes me mad seeing people like this. It’s unnecessary and dangerous. Horses are unpredictable. Sometimes they startle at the sound of car horns and stuff. What happens to the bystanders? So crazy,” noted one commenter in concern.

“This is stupid. Try and see if a motorcycle can pass, they would ask you to go inside the store to order even if people were in a hurry. Animals shouldn’t be allowed to go through the drive-thru,” noted one commenter.

Others however were more curious to find out what would happen if the horses were to relieve themselves right there in public.

Needless to say, their questions weren’t unfounded as a pile of horse droppings was seen right in front of the restaurant’s drive-thru window in one of the images shared online.

May be an image of 3 people and people standing
(Credit: Facebook)

But, information provided by other netizens did say that workers were on standby to pick up any unwanted ‘dung pies’ left by the horses in their tracks.

“Got a chance to see the brother driving the 4-wheel-drive escort clean up the ‘presents’ dropped by the horses. We were so amused yesterday,” noted one social media user.

(Credit: alyasrfn)

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