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[Watch] Passenger Gets The Safest Ride Ever Complete With Aircond Holes

[Watch] Passenger Gets The Safest Ride Ever Complete With Aircond Holes

With a ride like this, the driver deserved more than 10 stars.

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Taking a ride with an e-hailing service is always an adventure. Either we, the passengers, try to strike up a conversation or the driver will start the banter.

However, a recent passenger may be the luckiest of us all because the driver literally put up a ‘wall’ between them.

In a Tiktok video, @tengkuasmadi shared that he thought he entered an ambulance when he was greeted by a wall of clear, plastic film separating the passenger area from the front of the car where the driver sat.

What tickled his bones were the two pipes made out of rolled-up manila cards so that passengers could still get the cool air from the air conditioner.

“I was confused whether I took a Grab or an ambulance. Haha there’s a hole for the aircond,” he wrote in the caption.


Grab dah macam ambulance ##grab

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

The viral clip which garnered 1.4M views and 117k likes amused many netizens online.

The short video also caught the attention of a local radio station Era, writing “Safety is prioritised first.”

“If I get [a ride like this], I’ll rate 10 stars!!!” a netizen wrote.

“He did the right thing. Better to prevent than to treat later,” another person wrote.

There were cheeky comments too.

“If I farted, at least the driver couldn’t smell it,” someone commented.

Among all the comments, only one netizen pointed out that while the effort to keep both the driver and passengers are well-meaning, the ventilation in the car is still not improved.

“Hahah by doing this with the aircond on, it’s still the same in the end. The risks of getting Covid-19 is more or less the same because the ventilation from the aircond just circulates in the car,” @azrulindahouse1 wrote.

Based on advice from the CDC, it’s recommended to use the recirculated air option so that fresh air from the outside can be brought into the vehicle. The other option to improve the air circulation in the car is to keep the windows open.

A study by a team of Brown University researchers stressed that there’s no way to eliminate the risk of contamination by pathogens in a vehicle completely.

To be safe, it’s still best to wear a mask throughout the ride in case any of the ventilation options above do not work out.

Nevertheless, the driver’s thoughtfulness is enough to make our hearts full.

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