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Teacher Waited For 2 Hours But No One Showed Up For Class

Teacher Waited For 2 Hours But No One Showed Up For Class

After the teacher advised students not to skip class, no one turned up for their Math lesson.

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Malaysian students are starting to feel burned out ever since they sat through days of online classes since the start of the pandemic.

Some students have taken matters into their own hands and have boldly skipped classes despite receiving a scolding from their teachers or parents. These students have had enough.

Recently, a teacher shared online that all of his students did not turn up for their Mathematics class.

Cikgu Vee shared on Tiktok that he had advised and reprimanded students who were skipping classes in a Whatsapp group chat which included the parents.

The next day, no one turned up for his class. He waited for two hours and only a student ‘logged’ into the class.

Even so, the sole student ended the video call the moment the teacher opened the chatbox.

“I’m grateful that [a student] joined but they left too,” a heartbroken Cikgu Vee wrote in his video caption.

“Ya Allah, are all of my students still angry at me? I ask for your forgiveness,” he added.

In the chatbox, a student wrote “Teacher, you always give homework. Boring la. I’m the only student here. Where are the others?”

Cikgu Vee believes all of the students plotted to skip his class together after what transpired in the Whatsapp group chat.


kelas pagi ini walaupun adik left cikgu tetap teruskan utk habiskan perbincangan latihan exam. cikgu minta maaf ye adik2 kalau trnampak video ni🥺

♬ semangat ngontennya – SR.Kimz`ˢᵃⁿˢ

Netizens empathised with Cikgu Vee and pointed out that the young students these days do not respect teachers anymore.

However, some have criticised the teacher for scolding the students in front of their parents in the group chat. Not everyone shared the same views.

“Actually the teacher was right to reprimand the students in front of the parents so the parents know what’s going on,” a netizen wrote.

“Don’t [they] feel guilty if they don’t attend class? A whole class [skipped]. If I entered the class 1-minute late, I already feel very guilty,” another person commented.

Regardless, Cikgu Vee asked everyone not to blame any parties but to take his experience as a lesson learned.

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